Dru Yoga – the energy from the Heart by Mansukh Patel

Dru Heart Energy

Mansukh Patel describes the way the Dru method of yoga is characterised by effective, flowing actions that funnel and transform your body’s subtle energy with the heart.

Consequently, Dru Yoga produces healing and oneness. Based on the HeartMath Institute’s statistics the center creates the biggest electromagnetic area in your body and it is about 60 occasions greater in amplitude compared to brain waves recorded within an electroencephalogram (EEG). The magnetic element of the heart’s area, that is around 5000 occasions more powerful than that created through the brain, isn’t impeded by tissue and could be measured several ft from the body.

Mansukh Patel uses Dru Yoga to gain access to the energy from the heart by mixing asana (posture), pranayama (the science of breath) and also the ancient Eastern tradition of mudras (hands gestures). Many of these get together to produce flowing sequences that balance the power centres from the body and allow us to to convey ourselves around the world. Being able to access the energy from the heart is important to the entire process of healing painful feelings.

Within Dru Yoga you will find specific, simple to practise sequences that actually work to change different negative feelings to their positive alternatives. Dru Yoga sequences take the trapped energy caught in this pattern and releases it, securely, with the heart.

Dru yoga in warzones

Dru Yoga has shown its usefulness when controling emotional discomfort in places where there’s been severe conflict. Mansukh Patel, together with co-workers Savitri MacCuish, John Johnson, Andrew Wells, Anita Goswami, Paulette Agnew yet others from Dru have developed using self-help approaches to conflict zones within Europe, Africa and South Asia.

The keystone of the prosperity of Dru Yoga in connection with this, based on Mansukh, is really a procedure that we call Energy Block Release or EBR. Every single day we’ve emotional energy tossed at us. We sometimes are designed for it, and often we can not. Emotional energy makes its way into your body through the joints, makes its way into muscle structures, and eventually ends up within the organs, where discomfort as well as in extremes, disease starts.

Very frequently now you ask , requested how Dru Yoga differs from Hatha Yoga, or other branch of yoga. In Dru Yoga, based on Mansukh, Savitri, Andrew and also the other pioneers of the approach, you’ll be able to facilitate the discharge of one’s, and also to transform awareness and awareness due to Dru Yoga’s capability to work concurrently with the layers to be – physical, subtle, emotional and discriminative thinking.

Because we are able to directly achieve these levels the results of Dru Yoga are rapid. This technique has created the foundation for detraumatisation operate in publish-war zones such as the North Caucasus, Northern Ireland as well as in Africa. Dru Yoga is showing effective after many distressing conditions since it helps transforms emotional discomfort without needing to re-live the expertise of trauma.

Dru Yoga has universal appeal.

Beginners: understand the flowing character of their positions and sequences, which stress awareness instead of physical prowess.

Individuals with increased experience: find its detailed knowledge of your body’s subtle energy system leads these to a serious knowledge of traditional asanas (positions), pranayama (breath-work), mudras (gestures) and relaxation techniques.

Its soft and meditative actions could be loved by almost everybody, no matter age or physical limitation. Dru Yoga instructors are particularly educated to offer modifications to actions for individuals who require them.

describes, Dru Yoga combines yogic knowledge passed down over numerous decades from teacher to student within the traditional way with inspiration from contemporary sources. As numerous individuals have found it’s the ideal yoga in order to you deal with the stresses and tensions of twenty-first century living.

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