Dru Yoga DVD – Mansukh Patel and Coby Langford

Dru Yoga Background

Mansukh Patel, together with John Johnson, Annie Johnson, Rita Goswami, Chris Barrington – fellow students at Bangor College, United kingdom – introduced Dru Yoga in to the West within the late 1970’s, getting been trained by Mansukh’s parents, Chhaganbhai and Echhaben Patel.

Mansukh’s parents had labored with Mahatma Gandhi’s Satyagraha movement in India. Custodians from the Dru Yoga tradition, their guidance assisted Mansukh, Chris, Rita, John and Annie fashion Dru Yoga and Gandhi’s applying for grants self-sufficiency right into a distinctively effective tool for contemporary western society.

While western society has great material wealth, it’s almost impoverished in the emotional and much more spiritual amounts of human experience. Mansukh’s parents, in addition to Mansukh, Chris, Annie and co-workers therefore customized their Dru yoga to provide professionals a large-varying tools to manage their very own well-being – psychologically, psychologically, emotionally – not to mention, physically.

Within this DVD therefore, as with any Dru Yoga session, you’ll gain fast, effective, easy-to-apply tools which help you bring your feelings back to control, turn negative ideas into positive and you feeling physically on the top around the globe. Mansukh Patel, Rita Goswami and Chris Barrington, prime shapers from the Dru Yoga Teacher Training Program, therefore used techniques in the Dru tradition that will help stressed-out westerners relax, recentre, and reunite using their own creativeness and purpose.

Mansukh’s parents urged they to understand western health-related professions to help remarkable ability to provide Dru’s penetrating experience in to the structure of the body-mind-emotion energy system poor the current understanding-base.

grew to become an osteopath, Rita Goswami a nurse, John Johnson analyzed homeopathy and Annie Johnson sports fitness and then, diet.

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