Dr Fareed Parbati Recalling The Actual of Rubayi

Dr Fareed Parbati(4,AUGUST 1961-14 December 2011),A Famous Urdu Poet died of Cancer following a brief Illness)

Tributes to become compensated to some teacher who departed to heavenly abode so early. This can be a devastating news for the entire academic and intellectual community in Kashmir especially. Fareed Parbati’s brilliant rapport with students was componen-excellence and provoking. He loved dealing with youthful people and each time I dropped into his cabin at Iqbal Institute of Culture and Philosophy (IICP), he was once so absorbed with students around, together with his smiling face he never felt bored, welcoming everybody and speaking generously to everybody around.

As a result of his immense contribution to Urdu poetry, Fareed would be a favorite of specifically of Urdu faculty, students at campus and outdoors. -He was probably the most capable instructors and destined to defend myself against a number one role within the College of Kashmir later on. His deep professionalism supported together with his unique feeling of fun made him an excellent individual. His interaction style while guiding his students and philanthropic attitude was worth watching. He was respected by students and co-workers alike for his frank behavior and open mindedness. Urdu in Kashmir and also the IICP will feel a really different place without Fareed Sahab. Dr Parbati always looked cheerful, well outfitted and filled with existence. Besides as being a good scholar and a common pride, he would be a lower to earth personality. Yet another factor was unique with Fareed sahab he always made an appearance contented coupled with an enjoyable feeling of service and aspirations for those his students.

Dr Parbati was among the finest people I’ve had the privilege of getting friendship with. He would be a friend, a collaborator, a light mentor in my experience. He certainly should be the function type of many budding Urdu stalwarts. Around I understand him, he was useful, friendly, generous and all sorts of time a contented, vibrant and energetic person. Whosoever used arrive at his chamber at IICP, he socialized as though meeting a classic friend or some close relative. Dr Parbati was created as Gulam Nabi Bhat (actual title) on August 4, 1961 at Sangeen Darwaza, Hawal Srinagar. He completed his PhD in Urdu in 1995 and offered in Accounts Services from 1987 to 2001. He labored because the Assistant Professor in the Department of Urdu, College of Kashmir from 2001-2006 and was becoming Connect Professor at Iqbal Institute of Culture and Philosophy(IICP) from 2006 till his demise. Fareed was mostly thinking about Urdu classical poetry and Arooz. A exclusive monthly referred to as -Shair- (The Poet) released from Mumbai incorporated a complete-fledged literary sketch of Dr Fareed Parbati, which reflects he was fortunate using the creative pen as well as talks of his rapport, title, fame and literary height outdoors the condition too. Fareed has immense valuable guides to his account. Inside a shorter length of time, Fareed had 14 books including eight Ghazal-Rubayi collections and 6 books on Urdu critique to his credit. From -Abr Tarr’ released later, there is no searching back. Fareed written -Aabi-Naisaan’ in 1992, -Isbaat’ in 1997, -Farid Nama’ In 2003, -Guftgoo Chaand se’ in 2005, -Hazaar Imkaan’ in 2006, -Khabare Tahayur’ in 2007, -Hajoome Aaina’ this year and the -Kulyaat’ (collection) entitled -Hazaar Imkaan’ found the leading this season only. Fareed also offers significantly examined and examined quantity of books and papers. To his core he was online resources Rubayi. He’s fully investigated and unraveled the strategies of creating a great Rubayi with little effort.

He states in a single of his Rubayi-

-Waqif primary har ek khwab ki tabeer se hoon

Primary husn hoon aur husn ki jaageer se hoon

kehte hain mujhe yousufe sani ae dost

kana’an se nahi waadiye kashmir se hoon-

Fareed had going to explore his immense talent towards the maximum but alas he could not get enough time for your. He continues saying-

-Majood primary khud ko nahi dhalne doonga

Saayoon ko primary surag na nigalne doonga

Hoon gardishe ayaam ki lamha koi

Ab aage kisi ko na nikalne doonga-

A writer, Iftikhar Imam Siddiqi, in the portrait on Dr Parbati, entitled, -Mussanif ek Kitaben Anek, in Shair argues that, Rubayi is Dr Parbati’s selected and loved expertise and area. Within this sanf (kind of poetry), there’s no every other Fareed compared to Fareed themself. Despite other poets of Rubayi like Nawuk Hamzah Puri, Ehsan Sehgal, Mamoon Ayman etc but Fareed’s Rubayi is exclusive by itself. Dr Fareed Parbati themself was acquainted with that, he creates-

-Who ghazal ho ki Rubayi ho, diya tune Fareed

Ek ek sanf ko andaaze bayaan ek naya-

He authored in an exceedingly easy and actively. His poetry is free of charge from large jargons and lingual particulars. Fareed Parbati was an positive poet and sufi lover, he’s also written a lot of hymns and naats in praise of Allaha and also the beloved Prophet Mohammad (SAW) in addition to a poem on Alam-Dare Kashmir(R.A).

He creates-

-Chhatne ko hai abr karam bismillah

Mitne ko hai har kohna Alam Bismillah

Jazbaat ki baraf ko pighalti hi bani

fir chalne laga mera qalm bismillah-

The theme of Fana wa Baqa can also be in the poetry. He states-

-Wajood mera bikhar chukka hai junoon ke ghar se khirad ke ghar tak

Qadam qadam componen hoon dafn primary hi, jagah jagah hai mazaar janaan-

Dr Fareed Parbati left us but he’ll reside in the hearts of his students, buddies, Urdu enthusiasts and poetry fans forever. He’s literally done justice to his subject and becoming an academic satisfied his scholarly duty. He’s trained his students how you can lead towards the subject by his continuous guides every year. Fareed sparked the intellectual revolution by his consistent effort, now his students need to transform it to flames and prove themselves within their particular fields.

One pf his famous Couplets that is simply worth recalling,

Samjha Bhuja Kay Khud Ko woh Laya Tha Raah Componen

Dunya Samaj Rahi Hai Karamaat Kargaya.

It might not be wrong to state that Urdu in Kashmir has lost a substantial pillar and the dying has produced a niche that is can’t be abridge. May Allah bless the departed soul.

(Syed Adfar Rashid Shah is really a doctorate Candidate of Sociology at Jamia Millia Islamia- Central College, New Delhi. Feedback at adfer.)

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