don’t let them die

Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresult Fifth Volumes 551st sections highlight dragon ?To become a king or beauty — frequently Miaoke is really as kind and also the old guy .

But he had been just a little whispered .This balding old guy ,not the type of routine drug trade .Who talk the Mafia business also eat ah ?Besides ,if you wish to request me to dinner ,because of so many security officers do, progressing ,bluffing? ‘ ‘ ‘ ,Miss Chang ,was among the boys .

Do execute with drive and sweep .Since we conduct business ,that we’re buddies, I introduce myself ,i’m Feng Manqiang ,is really a businessman ,can also be our country oil gm of item company .

‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ … … Feng Manqiang laugh .Frequently Miaoke feel more mistaken, these were dealing drugs guy ,don leave their title ,give leave a title only, when the other party doesn’t have you quote the title ,you don provide your title ,to ensure that ,for that protection that belongs to them, in the end ,the drug clients are avoid seeing the sunshine of .

This really is Feng Manqiang ,aren’t frequently Miaoke to request, this kid up started introducing myself ,it’s not a medication business way .People don which their very own self-reported home M-N ,this isn’t their very own all of a sudden up for grabs now? However ,next ,allow Miaoke frequently feel more horror , the guy ,stated to become the gm of China oil project ,and, his title is .

.. … He was known as Feng Manqiang !Nowadays, Ye Shaofeng and Tang Jiaqian or Bai Jie these were talking, not in mention of the the Feng Manqiang character ,as well as cure ,Ye Shaofeng Feng Manqiang and the boy Feng what pressure !This Feng Manqiang ,I ,Ye Shaofeng may be the enemy of Feng Manqiang .

The Lu Yang city knows ,he frequently Miaoke and Ye Shaofeng ,which von Manqiang ,could it be right? Is the fact that frequently Miaoke start ! Personally i think shy ,there’s another thing ,we are available in the transaction ! Frequently Miaoke stated ,and switched to visit .

As she was going to M-N, M-N all of a sudden opened up ,4 or 5 burly chap made an appearance in M-N ,was frequently Miaoke way, furthermore, both hands ,both in their own individual Xi o ngbore ,description ,they hands held pistol !Frequently the black box to Miaoke dropped quickly ,in the own hands bag and got a pocket pistol ,switched ,the gun at Feng Manqiang .

Von Manqiang relaxing in their seats ,motionless ,but behind him a lot more than ten ,the more youthful brother ,and M-N export several burly chap ,all got his pistol, gun was pointed at regular Miaoke brain m-n .

Frequently ,thought you had been wise ,suddenly, also offers lost, negligence when ah, ‘ ‘ ,yes ,while you guess ,didn to drugs, I’m not drug traders ,I gonna use you ,to eliminate the leaf Shaofeng ! The drug would be a person I market it and Ye Shaofeng ,not the smallest relationship ! Frequently Miaoke stated .

‘ ‘ ‘ ,do you consider I wish to make use of the drug to complete Ye Shaofeng ?Little difficulty ,as lengthy when you are here ,I wish to destroy it ,you will find many different ways ,another ,most direct ,most simple approach ,he isn’t black people ,he isn’t a Lu Yang City Mafia godfather ,I take a look ,he’s to his country ,in order to his beauty ,’ ‘ ‘ ‘ .

.. … … … Ye Shaofeng noon ,and Guo Shaohua they eat together .Guo Shaohua asks : Feng brother ,you that Feng Manqiang and Feng Changli don’t ah? No ,which in turn rapidly Oh ,now many people stopped ,it appears that Feng Manqiang t ng Ji effective ,Lu Yang politics ,he know many people ! Ye Shaofeng stated the great wine .

Yes ah ,he a oil item company mister Oh ,pull the project ,project, invite public putting in a bid ,putting in a bid ,putting in a bid ,all he ,fuck someone stated ,the thing is, the B i muchmoney ah, furthermore, possessed the gang ,deep relationship approach .

Say not ,ah ,but additionally using the central authorities associated with this relationship ! Guo Shaohua stated . Yes, he not just has relation officialdom ,he within the underworld relations aren’t simple, I simply H-N, this kid in Lu Yang City T ng Ji is known ,butthey hide t ng Ji deep ,furthermore, his leadership of condition-possessed businesses ,money money, right is appropriate ,also don’t participate Mafia disputes, people don share territory ,happens the petty profits .

Although ,he did skip the underworld of minutes ,but .This kid hands possess a help chop suey ,listening and speaking ,money nowadays ,in the Russian side from the border to purchase lots of Su pistol ,each transporting a gun ,Feng brother ,should you speak with him ,more careful .

Huang Zhaoye stated hastily . Grass ,this kid is t ng Ji cow B iah.A couple of days ago, this child is he ,mother to search for his father happen Bai Jie ,furthermore, towards the initial cost is tens of millions of ,I tens of millions of ,allow me to put him and the sons a equine .

Ye Shaofeng stated . What ,tens of millions of ! On hearing this ,Wang Liwei Shen Jianli almost cried out .The siblings sang at each party ,Wang Liwei together with his girlfriend ,and Wang Liwei to not take ,however ,Shen Jianli always aspired to follow ,follow follow ,we understand, also didn’t take her being an outsider .

Feng brother ,you this director when too cow B inow,very easy to earn money ,I’ll choose you once the deputy, OK ,’ ‘ ‘ … … Wang Liwei are you currently kidding . For you, little poker fun at .

Ye Shaofeng stated . You don agree . Huang Zhao requested . Absolutely not guaranteed ,don’t let them die ,I only hate hard hearts ,Feng Manqiang ,corrupt authorities ,Feng Changli the killer a ,both a villain ,I have to allow them to die ,I don’t think that good dominates over evil ! Ye Shaofeng stated angrily .

Guo Shaohua sneer ,stated: Oh ,Feng brother ,should you Mafia godfather ,H-N such a long time ,still so youthful cynic ah ,this concept, frequently black is whitened ,whitened is black ,upside lower factor ,we’re siblings ,see little still ?Besides ,what good dominates over evil .

Evil ,sometimes ,can press it . Guo Shaohua although it ugly, but stated very in principle ,be gave Ye Shaofeng an alert .Although Ye Shaofeng jerk ,buthis temper ,definitely not towards the Feng family compromise .

The idea of Yi Ru is static, the idea of Yi Ru Jing old father and Zhang Laohan is hit ,the idea of file folder ,which were wiped out within the youthful child ,Ye Shaofeng started to angrily at Ye Shaofeng bloodstream ,bones ,so good dominates over evil .

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