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Th? b??t m?n ?????h ?? ?b?ut th? br?d? ?nd th? gr??m. Th? br?d? ?nd gr??m ?h?uld kn?w h?w g??d ??u f??l ?b?ut th?m. D? n?t m?k? th? b??t m?n ?????h t?? ?h?rt. M?k? ??ur??lf ??mf?rt?bl? t?lk?ng t? th? ?r?wd ?n fr?nt ?f ??u. Stru?tur? ??ur ?h?rt b??t m?n ?????h ????rd?ng t? th? t?m? th?t h?? b??n ?ll?tt?d.

Y?u ??n g?v? ?n ?x??ll?nt ?????h f?r 5 m?nut??. G?v? ??ur w??h?? t? th? ??u?l?. Th?nk th? fr??nd? ?nd r?l?t?v?? f?r m?k?ng th? w?dd?ng ? ?u?????ful ?n?. D? n?t b? ?n ? hurr? t? ??m?l?t? th? ?????h, ???h ?nd ?v?r??n? ?h?uld r?m?megabytes?r th? ?????h. It ?h?uld b? ? gr??t ?n? ?nd mu?t l??v? b??k ? g??d ?m?r?????n. P???l? mu?t ???r????t? ??u ?n?? ??u g? ?nd ??t d?wn.

T?ll th? n?wl?w?d? h?w h???? ??u ?r? f?r th?m. Ex?r??? ??ur h????n??? f?r th?m. Th?? w?ll d?f?n?t?l? b? t?u?h?d b? ??ur w?rd?ng?.

Th? b??t m?n ?????h ?h?uld b? ?nt?rt??n?ng f?r th? gu??t?. Th? fr??nd? ?nd f?m?l? m?megabytes?r? w?ll b? ??g?rl? w??t?ng t? h??r ???h w?dd?ng ?????h.

Y?u h?v? t? ?h?w ??m? ?nt?r??t ?n ????k?ng ?n fr?nt ?f th? ?ud??n??. Y?ur b??t m?n ?????h ?h?uld b? ?h?rt ?nd t? th? ???nt. It ?h?uld h?v? ? g??d fl?w fr?m ?n? ???nt t? th? n?xt. It w?ll n?t b? t?? b?r?ng ?? ??u w?ll b? g?v?n v?r? l??? t?m?.

5 Best Strategies for a highly effective Best Guy Speech:

S?m? t??? t? k??? ?n m?nd wh?n ??u ?t?rt th? ?????h ?r?:

1. Gr?b th? ?tt?nt??n ?f th? ?ud??n?? b?f?r? ??u ?t?rt th? ?????h. St?nd u? ?nd w??t unt?l th?r? ?? ??m?l?t? ??l?n??.

2.Th? ?????h n??d? t? b? ?l?nn?d ?nd wr?tt?n d?wn w?ll ?n ?dv?n??. B? ??nf?d?nt ?? th?t ??u ??n ?l??rl? ??? ?v?r?th?ng.

3. Pr??t??? w?ll. H?v? ? l??k ?t th? ?h??t w?r? ??u h?v? ?ut d?wn ??ur th?ught?.

4. Y?ur ?????h mu?t n?t u???t th? gr??m ?nd th? br?d?. It ?h?uld m?k? th?m h????.

5. M?k? ??ur wedding ?????h to find the best guy is ?h?rt ?nd ?w??t. It mu?t n?t b?r? ?n?b?d?. It ?h?uld b? ?m?t??n?l ?nd ?t th? ??m? t?m? l?ttl? funn?.

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