Department of commerce tm to grow the scope of labor has been completed

Since August 2009 launch 9 provinces

Home Home appliances TM to Because the pilot, all positive efforts, the pilot accomplished great results, which stimulates consumption, environment protection, resource utilization, and promote low-carbon has an optimistic role in marketing economic development. 91 for that implementation from the Condition Council executive meeting, and additional play towards the effect of guidelines to grow the scope from the basic jobs are going ahead.

1, TM to focus on the result of consumer

Environment protection Advance alongside

1, deadline April 7, 2010, nine pilot provinces and cities

Sell As much as 9.29 million models of recent home home appliances, sales of 36.45 billion yuan, comprising nearly Category 5 appliance sales types one third. The very first quarter of 2010, product sales, sales, in comparison using the 4th quarter of 2009 increased 60.9% and 61.6%.

2, deadline April 7, 2010, nine pilot provinces and cities were collected Jiu Jiadian 9.875 million models, based on estimations, may use waste

Plastic , Copper along with other renewable assets, 179,000 tons. Using the appliance TM to advertise the implementation of resource recycling effect will end up much more prominent.

3, deadline April 7, 2010, Jiu Jiadian 5.784 million models happen to be taken apart, take apart the first rate from the pilot 10% to 58.6%, taking apart Jiujia Dian considerably faster. Because the implementation of home home appliances TM to changes to our policy the status of recycling of waste home appliances disorder, protection against environment pollution.

4, within the pilot process, the pilot provinces and cities to do a quantity of occasions tendering appliance TM to business, increase sales, recycling enterprise systems, supplying maximum convenience for customers. At the moment, the pilot provinces and metropolitan areas to apply effective recycling business by the start of the 157 elevated to 319, sales through the 190 companies elevated to 363. Meanwhile, the pilot provinces and cities still step-up publicity and optimize operational processes and strengthen the supervision of economic behavior, the pilot accomplished significant results lay a good foundation.

Second, growing the insurance policy effect, active deployment

Underneath the Condition Council 91, 2009 executive meeting on growing the plethora of home home appliances TM to apply your decision, our department using the relevant departments to honestly study and plan, make preliminary formulations to grow the scope of labor. To improve the insurance policy, the Secretary of state for Finance released a “freight subsidies on home appliances TM towards the Extra Notice” (Finance Building [2010] 44). Feb 2010, the Secretary of state for Finance, the Secretary of state for Commerce, Secretary of state for Environment Protection collectively released the “TM to advertise the implementation from the declaration around the home appliances work notice” (Finance Building Letter [2010] 6), please not the 27 pilot provinces and metropolitan areas In compliance using the relevant conditions and needs, according to advice programs. At the moment, 24 provinces and metropolitan areas to do a formal opinion home appliances TM to operate, you will find three provinces are accelerating the declaration. About this basis, the Secretary of state for Finance, the Secretary of state for Commerce, the ministry is staring at the growth of the scope of TM towards the sights of home home appliances, unified sights from the Condition Council for approval.

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