Danfoss Chinas first shot on M &amplifier A married relationship of Hayley ripper tools – China Portable Hardness

through the Danish industrial company Danfoss with the purchase of the previous Zhejiang Haili Electronic Co., Ltd. established the “China Zhejiang Haili Pu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter known to Haili Pu)” within the Haiyan County, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, opened up. This is actually the Danfoss Group’s first acquisition in China, this move, Danfoss will end up the inverter market in a single fell swoop the biggest manufacturer of (the previous Zhejiang Haili Electronic frequency ripper tools for professional production businesses). You can do this to exhibit strong Danfoss frequency ripper tools business ambitions.

Based on reviews, the brand new company still keeps the initial Harry E staff, the previous Department of Danfoss drive Ye, v . p . of economic rise in China so that as Haili Pu Ai Chairman from the Board, the previous major investor and Chairman from the Board Harry Fang Vibrant Assists as vice-chairman of Hai Lipu. Following the acquisition, Danfoss includes a 100% stake in e-Haili Pu, the brand new inverter may also be created by Hayley Brand Seems, and thru its existing domestic Sell Internet sales. Haili Pu is going to be concentrating within the production and purchase of equipment Motor And motor speed device Danfoss frequency ripper tools drive business included in the Department.

With this acquisition, each side think their very own earnings. Fang Guangming founder Harry stated inverter, through mergers and purchases, Harry Team Be a driving business in 35 years part of the Danfoss Group. Like a youthful clients are growing, Harry joined a large leap within the critical period, like a strong R & D funding and worldwide operating experience. Enroll in Danfoss, Harry could possibly get world-class technical and operational experience of China and worldwide marketplaces more Competition Pressure. It’s reported that in 2004, Danfoss global annual sales of two.197 billion pounds, 175 million employees worldwide. Danfoss has in Hong Kong, Tianjin, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang, Guangzhou and hang up sales branches and representative offices in Tianjin, Anshan, Liaoning Wuqing He’s two production bases, with nearly a 1000 employees and annual sales of nearly 10 100 million yuan.

Always believed that using the purchase of local companies in China’s method of business expansion hard to achieve significant phase from the Hayley Danfoss Why? For that reporter’s question, continues to be hired chairman of Zhejiang Haili Pu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. leaf Ai and stated frankly: “This is actually the first purchase of Danfoss China, we had within the original Harry electronic rapid growth. As Presently, Danfoss existing items, assets, Organization And also the cost structure and market demand, China has some gaps. On Harry The inverter market in China, the prosperity of producers of mergers and purchases, will make sure that Danfoss frequency ripper tools available on the market position of major rivals. ”

Industry analysis, mergers and purchases, the Danfoss frequency ripper tools market in China to create a comprehensive high-low attack posture, after Danfoss frequency ripper tools items happen to be paid for for within the Chinese share of the market of some high-finish, as the “ocean Philip “appearance, then to take into account Danfoss within the low-finish market in China. Haili company is an expert in creating original and it has the fundamental qualities of low-cost ripper tools items, its share of the market comprising about 30% of low-finish frequency ripper tools market, sales development of 25% each year.

Noted that within the opening ceremony, the 2 sides didn’t disclose the purchase value. Industry speculation this might be the interests of both purchases in to the publish, difficult to produce.

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