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Italia would spend 239 yuan bought socks, spinning the very first try to found broken, claims clients are an insult to whitened-collar Beauty “consequence of passion”, and known as their own money to handle quality inspection.

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Based on Bo remembered, at the start of December this past year, she Grandview Mall in Guangzhou, Mia & Mio store to purchase a set of Italian origin Levante tights. The following day, open the packaging the very first time try, the really found spinning stylish location, co-exist with how big three holes, “the greatest hole stuffed a fist almost.”

Was really spent 239 yuan to purchase a set of rotten socks! The following morning, she found Mia & Mio shops and companies desire to settle the issue.

Shop “enjoy the ball,” they didn’t make any explanation, let Bo go back home to hold back for news. 12, Levante’s domestic distributor Yi Lai Trade Co., Ltd. Marketing Miss Wang contacted with Bo, stated Deputy Levante in your own home throughout such complaints haven’t yet happened, I’m able to hardly shifting, but could not refund return.

Anti means customers “because of passion”

Miss Wang stated, “We’ve recognized the officer unilaterally invite the commercial quality of socks, an initial conclusion is triggered by improper dress,” and suggested the incident probably cause harm passion spinning, also dropped the term “Chinese dressing method ought to be re-education “from the discourse.

“Susceptible to this degradation, and my tears began circulation out, the entire body shaking,” Miss Wang’s words to Bo has introduced us great harm.

Miss Wang transformed the topic, stated the dispute might be on the standard from the goods in consultation using the Bo, this program may be the first recognition of socks to transmit quality inspection agencies to find out reasons for damage, if it’s indeed an excellent problem recognized, Yi Lai could be came back and apologized, but testing costs shall Bo themself in the fund.

1000 test fee stumped parties

Reporter learned from the standard supervision department, the retail cost from the socks 239 yuan, however the test costs as much as 1,000 yuan. “As customers, I’m psychologically hard to accept the exam cost, to some degree, this put lots of intention to protect their privileges activist customers get in to outdoors.” Bo resigned.

Published tell customers exactly the same experience

When Bo’s own consumer encounters in Lijiang Garden “outdoors Jiang Jiang” forum published, got lots of positive response from customers. User “Nana Cat” stated, “We’ve this shop within the last couple of siblings bought tights, we feel that product quality is poor, under per week we’ve 3 silk tights all appear one of the two broken.” Bo then given to reporters bought her socks, may be the texture class compared to thick nylon material cotton socks, “type nylon material cotton socks continue to be spinning within the serious damage, as well as tights,” Bo stated.

Bo stated that they had made the British letter of complaint towards the Levante, Italia headquarters, but in the last two days, has not received any reply. Bo stated: “I’ve hired lawyers, couple of days is going to be prosecuted to want merchants to Mia & Mio shops, agents Yi Lai and Levante refund returns, meaning more demands apology Levin, personal insults on me to ‘1 dollars’ compensation for moral damage. ”

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