Daily Surrender Psalms 91.5

August 30, 2006

Psalms 91:5 Thou shalt ‘t be afraid for that terror by evening nor for that arrow that flieth during the day

Whenever we walk with God, we walk by evening as though it were during the day worries don’t embitter the sweetness of His way. Whenever we walk with God, sickness would bring our destabilized body lower, only works as a platform to boost our spirits up. Why do so? Could it be because of some miracle spell made inside a dark corner from the forest? Performs this immunity originate from some elixir created using exotic Eastern herbal treatments? Leave now your research for uncertain holy grails and let us match with the pages from the Holy book. Watch the miracles from the Shekina standing between your kids of Israel as well as their Egyptian slave-masters (Exodus 1419-20). Observe how the Spirit of the very most High increased males of low degree to supernatural talents and belief.

Jesus, our The almighty and Messiah, the term walking on earth has guaranteed energy reaches our disposal for that asking (John 14:14). Then when we seem like the planet works in conquering us using its futile race, let us claim -sanctuary’ and take refuge inside our hearts in which the Boy of God lives. There, His strength becomes ours (Philippians 4:13), His light stands out our way (2 Samuel 22:29), and the spirit is the healthiness of your bones (Proverbs 16:24).

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