Daily Surrender Psalms 10636

August 17, 2006

Psalms 106:36 Plus they offered their idols: that have been a snare unto them. In Greek mythology, Homer informs us of Oedipus’ journey home. Oedipus needed to sail close to the arena of the sirens. (Sirens: mythological mermaids) Sirens attracted mariners by singing beautiful tunes. Attracted, ocean adventurers would then steer their ships toward the things they thought were beautiful women, but were brought to hidden rocks under the top of water, which triggered losing both vessel and crew. Oedipus understood of the possibility of reacting towards the sirens call, but he desired to hear their song. He requested his males to tie him towards the mast from the ship, to plug their ears with herbal treatments, to ensure that because the ship neared the harmful area, they’d hear neither the sirens nor his pleas to alter course and steer the ship towards them. Oedipus heard the song from the Sirens and the ship experienced without altering its course. How such as the lure of Homer’s sirens may be the call of temptation. Oedipus might have foiled the sirens attempts, but through his ears, his heart was mastered. His body, when associated with the mast could not conceive temptation into sinful action, but his heart was nonetheless taken. The worry of negative consequences developed in us by religious and secular laws and regulations may stop us from doing the incorrect things, however it does not always imply that our hearts don’t desire evil. If our heart can conceive evil, additionally, it may birth it. Jesus and Paul both cautioned us not to trick ourselves by pretending to obey God by using the letter from the law. God sees the considering evil within our heart (Matthew 5:28). What exactly are we to complete now whenever we reside in a world whereby every media possible, both in religious and secular institutions, sirens scream their tunes at us through sound system? Just how can our heart ‘t be adversely affected? We can’t isolate ourselves in the world, but we are able to steer clear of the sounds from the sirens within our own houses, and insulate our heart using their tunes through the Holy Spirit that’s provided to us. Proverbs 4:14-15 Enter not in to the road to the wicked, and go not when it comes to evil males. Cure it, pass not because of it, turn from this, and perish. Patrick Lumbroso For past problems with the daily devotion visit my blog at: http://hearthstoneministries.blogspot.com/

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