Daily Surrender Psa 11997-99

March 24, 2006

Psa 119:97-99 KJV O how love I thy law! It is indeed my meditation all of the day. (98) Thou through thy rules hast helped me smarter than mine opponents: for they’re ever beside me. (99) I’ve more understanding than my instructors: for thy testimonies are my meditation.

It’s arrived at attention that people reside in a very strange world. Whereas machines are meant to make our way of life reduced and simpler, we currently live in a pace considerably faster and complex that God ever meant for us. The irony from it is the fact that despite all of this mechanical help, individuals have a shorter period for that essential things of existence. They appear not to have enough time for anything whatsoever any longer, and definitely not for the kind of meditation on God’s Word which make a guy smart, and also the answers are apparent in most the foolish choices produced by a lot of whatsoever amounts of society.

We reside in an -instant-gratification-and-without-cost- society. You want to slim down without going on a diet we would like fitness without working out we would like wealth without working we would like intelligence without learning we would like hygiene without scrubbing. For the worst situation, you want to be humble without getting humbled you want to be loving without needing to be damaged we would like persistence without experience and you want to be smart without needing to feel the testings of integrity that the existence meditation on God’s Word offers.

But this isn’t the way in which God managed to get. It needs time to work to understand, grow and mature it requires faithful -day and evening- meditation on God’s Word to acquire knowledge for God. Time committed to the faithful meditation of God’s Word will return in returns of Godly knowledge, however, you cannot have them in case your time is committed to worldly -stocks-. Just how much is attaining knowledge from God worth for you personally? Should you there is a cost for this, just how much will you be prepared to pay? If there have been an industry for this, the amount of your time and effort can you invest to obtain the returns of His knowledge? I have come across individuals who thought it had been worth everything they possessed!

Pad 13:44-46 KJV Again, the dominion of paradise is much like unto treasure hid inside a area the that when a guy hath found, he hideth, as well as for pleasure thereof goeth and selleth everything he hath, and buyeth that area. (45) Again, the dominion of paradise is much like unto a merchant guy, seeking goodly pearls: (46) Who, as he had found one gem of great cost, went and offered everything he’d, and acquired it.

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