Cruyff won’t get such test is not .

Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresult538 !Detonation !! Two General electric violent noise ,within the light of the second before entering all of the energy from the light condensed by ear ,the sword ,the large explosion ,Yang Chen body immersed inside a dazzling and dazzing light of central china ! Pluto !- the Yang Chen extremely believe Sauron et al ,also dare not believe ,Yang Chen was attack hit !Lots of people begin to see the double Tu Jisoft ,that together light group ,as though it had been a nuclear explosion in small range ,in which the power flow that’s 1uan ,Yang Chen peripheral hundreds of meters outdoors the floor are milled into powder ! The holy see 1000’s of many years of accumulation, really cannot be undervalued , sitting on our prime Tianyuan and sliding ladle murmured .

The sword within the stone of Prince clenched his fist ,watching the astonishing energy of sunshine group ,a voice: this demon, may also have today … … While Sageras and the daughter ,is s saddened,hadn’t thought completely ,seraph was hiding energy ,Riri Su full of tears ,Hua ,is filled with hate and regret .

Everyone ,very little one thought that Yang Chen can survive ,because ,two Seraphs performed by pressure ,completely more their creativeness .However ,as with all that’s an ending time ,that the person very shocked figure ,has made an appearance within the light group center !Because the smoke and lightweight scatter ,Yang Chen figure progressively obvious .

As previously to face as previously ,the indifferent, as previously ,avoid any dust !He ,he really any factor !?It’s the same time only thought !The visual impact ,despite just two angels to blow !Yang Chenmei spoke ,in most people including Cruyff shocked eyes ,his actions, and Cruyff designed a step closer .

Cruyff mouth mutters , … … How did he stopped … … How. Two Seraphim also apparently suddenly, Yang Chen is going to be OK ,he came back towards the air again ,hands lightsaber condensed ,also large ,prepared to attack again .

Fast !Kill him rapidly !He or she must have attempted to face up to the attack from the just !! Cruyff are only able to think of the possibility ,may be the Yang Chen try all efforts to face up to the attack ,and also the indifferent expression ,which is Yang Chen ,make a clear show of strength !Cruyff continuous play several blessing spell ,allow the angel of attack, almost in the peak .

Yang Chen doesn’t ignore all amazed eyes ,only a step ,gradually near to Cruyff the position of the station ,the expression evidently of the faint smile on a single ,eyes having a hint of irony and evil fun pleasure .

Support the Sauron et al J i movevery simultaneously ,one ,even hate not dance with pleasure . You should have Hades ,I understood ,no-one can beat him ! Our belief ,obviously isn’t likely to fall ! It’s the dance ,’ ‘ ,Sauron ,the number of years didn’t see ?!’-‘.

Browse around these mercenaries and killer boss conversation ,an incorrect alarm of Miao Yun teacher requested: would be the dance ? Sauron is really a mysterious smile ,stated: is the love that Pluto is really a fighting style , the dance is our alongside his title .

Pluto in your title don’t like . Fighting style ? Miao Yun pointed more curious . Yes ,Sauron nods ,say: whenever your pride Pluto when they meet a formidable opponent ,the siege when, like not way ,frequently by sleep issues attack ,and while being assaulted ,constantly walk way ,gradually moving towards the front from the enemy leader .

Pluto, you stated ,he just wants his competitors know ,even when he was, allow them to go and attack ,didn’t fight ,they aren’t your attacker !Allow the opponent lose belief ,within the abyss of despair ,is easily the most complete victory !Therefore ,we are familiar with Pluto you went and introduced existence pace, known as the dance .

Miao Yun teacher feels just the scalp hemp ,searching back that’s a little step nearer to Cruyff finally recognized ,the guy was abroad, is when crazy .Sauron to co-workers about ,is suspected of Huo tunnel : butyou aren’t to Pluto ,was blocked so effective as well as enough to tear the area attack ,what what type of pressure .

Yang Chen just show the opportunity to safeguard themselves ,may be the group on his memory strength impression .The Miao Yun teacher is happily chuckled : Chinese exercise to profit the organs ,Yang Chen used, is our Shushan faction from the usual derivative by ,that withstand the attack strength is hereditary ,Dzogchen condition qi .

Sauron yet others took in, checked out one another several occasions ,but nonetheless didn’t understand ,what abilities, what’s innate … … Merely a couple of people talk-time, two energy savings within the seraph ,finally once more walked in, Yang Chen no injuries, hurt their dignity !Two beams to once more by having an irresistible pressure ,fell on Yang Chen this already sunken pit ground hundreds of meters ,a moving large debris ,whole set up room ceiling ,having a twisted tearing from the strange pressure, growing and bursting available to ! They would like to be sunk island !? Lots of people have began to yell in the wrath ,due to the glare of sunshine, make them blink ! Kill him !Kill him !!! Archbishop Cruyff had been inside a mad general ,create a hullabaloo about ,enjoy watching Yang Chen through the surging energy from the light flooded the image .

Only a couple of seconds ,the flame spread ,bishop Cruyff felt completely cold !See ,Yang Chen the discursive form ,as with the Hua for any walk-in-the-park generally ,as before, toward their smiling came .

Should you look now ,Yang Chen ,the outer periphery from the body ,having a faint energy shares of Bo ,the Bo ,apparently gentle ,but is the fact that all exterior things ,can contaminate Yang Chen half !The almost only Miao Yun teacher can recognize ,that’s internal towards the innate Dzogchen ,your body innate gang gas !Actuallyas early as with the initial Japanese insight derived by previous in ninth reborn ,Yang Chen feeling of self ,the Qi already offers similar to divine energy .

Initially following the match against Ares ,Yang Chen through the the coming year I break open space Ares freeze ,that is certainly a little, exercise to profit the organs in to the depths ,would be to cover the divine ,in the title soar towards the skies at g upon the boy ,Yang Chen got evidence .

While not end up like divine can generally longitudinal space ,time can topple the mountain tops and overturn the seas ,understanding intensive application ,it is much better compared to crude and careless .

In face from the Vatican ,the wild, Yang Chen simply pick the old useless ghost dance ,to prove his conclusion is appropriate simultaneously ,also let everyone know yourself using their strength from the gap ,to ensure that old haven’t eyes to his face searching for their trouble leap .

Now ,the face area switched ashy. Cruyff ,two angels also have stopped the offensive pace, no more .Rear Sargeras ,and Sauron et al ,it’s seen the final match ,a face easily .

Cruyff started to regress ,a stride ,two step ,with Yang Chen near ,he started to obtain cold ft .Once the students everything, as well as their believed different ,probably the most primitive human fear ,started to spread .

No. Impossible. How will you still alive … … Cruyff swallow slobber ,command by Gabriel and also the two seraph ,noisally : fast !Fast attack !!Don !! He’s no drooling problems ,while he saw within the eyes ,Yang Chen ,own — doesn’t have difference using the corpse !ButYang Chen curiosity about Cruyff yelling ,still a step-by-step forward within this just arrogance matchless red-colored-robed guy .

Two seraph trying to fight again ,but they’ve been not able property, reason is ,Yang Chen and Cruyff distance too close ,if hastily hands ,will and Cruyff seemed to be Bo and .However ,only the type of effort to kill Dr.

Yang Chen ,also can’t be wiped out ,the seraph ,neither is so that it is so extravagant lasting energy .Furthermore ,they simply occur to the Eucharist on of angel .Continuous transition using energy, let two Seraphim wings and brilliance faded .

The scene of those know ,angel time ,visiting the .It had been now ,Yang Chen has walked towards the front of Cruyff … … Splash ! Cruyff at the back of the heel ,hit a stone block ,soon after falling lower ,hands Ron Jinoos gun doesn’t have snapped up !Yang Chen moved his mind ,tut sigh two times, flow 1 bit.

Nong God s .Bent ,Yang Chen, a hands held Cruyff neck-line ,straight to the cardinal execute, just like a garbage bag is usually free .Looked at Cruyff ,Yang Chen simply requested: didn’t talk, you simply ,not saying .

.. … To slaughter the god . Cruyff freak pharynx saliva ,face Rou started to shake with fear and stress ,1uan .Even Yang Chen were built with a gun pointed at him, Cruyff won’t get such test is not .

Because ,Yang Chen that resist so shock the most popular customs attack strength ,and that he moved towards their everything ,it appears to become over and over, break the spiritual barrier dying sickle ,will all Cruyff calm and assured ,coming half silk !This can be a completely towards the most incisive personality deprivation ,personality trample !The guy ,is Satan finding yourself in general, he just did everything ,would be to let their students not half silk strength to face up to !Furthermore, irresistible ,the demon ,he was effective !Cruyff Tu Jiis like hanging 100s of kilos of lead ,so hanging on ,volley ,rigid body ,didn’t dare to maneuver .

The smile on Yang Chen turns cold ,a set of black eyes like s very,Sen cold but very deep . Before you decide to die ,Among the finest to let you know one factor .I’m able to really ,not because has superhuman strength, but due to who I’m when .

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