Creflo Dollar – Don’t Question God, Just Trust Him

When problems exist in your existence, do you question God and request -why?- For instance, -How can this be happening in my experience?- or -Why must i undergo this?- The most devoted Christian has requested these questions at some stage in their walk with God. These moments of doubt have became of many of us, but instead of worry or fall under the trap of questioning God when challenges come, see difficult occasions as possibilities to build up a more in-depth relationship using the Father. A Believer has got the response to every challenge or problem she or he may face in existence-the term of God. It’s your supply of comfort and strength throughout the storms of existence. However, permitting your feelings and frustrations to override your belief and rely upon God produces a feeling of stress and provides method to a victim attitude. This can only help you stay stuck inside your situation. How do we improve your reaction to trouble? By looking into making the term of God one last authority and knowning that God is the only source for strength and victory. Notice that not a problem is more than His energy to beat it. Don’t let challenges devastate you, whether financial, marital or physical. The Term never guaranteed that whenever being born again, the relaxation of the days could be simple and easy , stress-free. As soon as you spent your existence to serving God, it’s inevitable that tests and tribulation can come. However your relationship with God is paramount to overcoming them. The enemy is going to do all things in his energy to stop you from becoming totally determined by God and having faith in in the Word. But Psalm 125:1 states,-They that rely upon the The almighty will be as mount Zion, which can’t be removed, but abideth forever.- Whenever you meditate on God’s Word and believe that challenging occasions can come, the term can create in your soul a basis out of which to construct your rely upon God. This increases what you can do to become unmovable through the enemy’s attacks. Getting an optimistic attitude when faced with negative situations helps to make the difference on the planet. Despite the fact that this really is easier in theory, maintain positivity and continue interacting with God daily through prayer, praise, worship and also the studying of His Word. Don’t question His passion for you personally, but keep a clear head on His promises. Your time and efforts to believe God instead of question Him goes a lengthy way. By showing your belief through constantly confessing the term over your circumstances and thinking together with your heart, you will start to see His energy operate in your existence. Keep in mind that God is not a respecter of persons, but He’s a respecter of belief (Functions 10:34). Don’t surrender for your problems God’s Word has prepared you for the tests and lure you’ll face. While you grow inside your walk using the The almighty, your belief in Him will build up too. Don’t condemn yourself if in the beginning it appears difficult to trust Him. God knows the struggles that Followers face but He’s also provided His Word, the only resource you have to be victorious over any circumstance you face. Use every chance to construct your belief in God’s passion for you and also His capability to provide you with out. Rather than wearing down, accusing God and asking, -Why?- have confidence in Him and know that he’s exercising everything of the existence.

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