Creating Hi-Tech Godowns for FCI


Based on latest reviews over 10 lac metric-a lot of food grains worth hundreds of crores of rupees were lost because of decaying within the FCI godowns throughout the final one decade alone this despite FCI investing 100s of crores in the tries to prevent such deficits. Lack of food grains of the order is one thing we are able to ill-manage to lose in this way! Throughout procurement FCI godowns are actually flooded with 100s of 1000’s of baggage of food grains stacked-up 3-4 tales high, or even more which will keep growing!

So when bags are needed to become launched for any shipment while it might be tempting to complete the simpler factor namely release the needed bags in the top-layer that might be wrong and from the rules also. What is likely to be achieved is release the baggage needed from from the bottom-most layer from the pile-up. Not sticking for this rule leads to earliest receipts getting permanently stuck at the end!

In actual practice what is new may be the golden rule known to earlier is totally overlooked and also the simpler option turned to is just about the normal practice and therefore the large deficits which have been frequently occurring through the years!

An Indicator

Clearly the issue experienced in the ground-level is reputable and must be addressed benefiting from most advanced technology available. Right now RULES have established yourself so that responsibility could be fixed on people and heads designed to roll. However this isn’t the answer neither is it any compensation for that huge permanent deficits faced through the country in general.

Assuming food grains are saved in square steel containers which are introduced directly into occupy slots in fact in almost any Automated Vehicle Parking System (ACPS) and after that designed to occupy positions side -by-side and something-above-another to eventually look like an enormous Rubik-cube. Monitoring of the procedure for picking the container for delivery reasons might be left to the pc as with the ACPS. Actually the machine involved here’s much easier because entry and exit of container isn’t randomly as with the situation of ACPS.

Since the meals-Ministry has made the decision when it comes to privatizing certain functions from the FCI plus some four to five corporate physiques are learnt to possess been short-listed and to undertake the job on Build, Buy and operate Basis the suggestion made might be adopted for any favourable consideration.

Obviously the machine recommended is capital intensive however every day such opportunities are recoverable with no waste whatsoever in the macro-point of view. However the type of deficits reported well over 10-lac metric tones of food grains lost throughout the final decade is really a Reduction In REAL TERMS a developing country for example ours can hardly manage to incur.

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