CQC CB test certificate released and recognized rules of procedure

CQC CB test certificate released and recognized rules of procedure

1. Scope

Affect China Quality Certification Center Exterior Declaration adopted IEC standards for electrical items inside the CB test certificate released and approved activities.

2. Definition

CB test certificate: through the certification and accreditation of national certification body document, along with the attached test report accustomed to inform other national accreditation body, a particular electrical items, a number of samples happen to be utilized in compliance having a IECEE standards were examined and demonstrated the samples satisfy the standard. CB test certificate just with the exam report, to work. Test report will include the appropriate standards, test results, when asked for, but additionally together with a statement of national variations in test results.

3. CB test certificate released and also the rules approved

3.1 CB test certificate released through the rule

3.1.1 You may offer obtain CQC CB test certificate application. CB test certificate you may be the holder.

3.1.2 You should have the ability to bear the responsibility of the independent entity.

3.1.3 If the applicant agent handling matters were CB test certificate ought to be posted proxy CQC.

3.1.4 Manufacturing from the product application can cover one or more nations in a number of from the plant. When the application consists of several plant, you shall indicate the address of every plant, and really should be posted to make sure that items from different industrial facilities are identical that (statement).

3.1.5 Each unit can contain just one application trademark brand (brand), if multiple brands, ought to be posted individually. Since The month of january 1, 2006 let’s start, each akin to a CB certificate only mark the company.

3.1.6 You may request another CB people of various national standards for testing.

3.1.7 You / manufacturer / factory associated with a address within the location of non-IECEE member, you react to each CB test certificate released to pay for the surcharge IECEE. The quantity of the surcharge based on the IECEE by CQC collection, remittance IECEE account.

3.1.8 When the applicant concurs towards the certificate like a public information released around the IECEE website, ought to be “CB test certification application” (CQC/QPCP09.04) Notes column, choose “agree.” When the applicant doesn’t choose, based on disagree treatment, CB certificate from the content won’t be launched as public info on the IECEE website.

3.1.9 When the manufacturer laboratory continues to be qualified through the CQC review and sign the agreement, you may request on-site testing (TMP / WMT), the “CB test certification application” (CQC/QPCP09.04) Notes Notes column application for area testing and area testing laboratory title.

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