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Allergic rhinitis with nasal itchiness, many paroxysmal sneezing, rhinorrhea and lots of water because the primary signs and symptoms of nasal congestion. Traditional chinese medicine, the incidence of allergic rhinitis for 2 reasons: First, exterior factors, mostly cold, epidemic invasion from the nasal passage air of evil Second, internal factors, a lot of viscera disorder. Therefore, the appearance of allergic rhinitis is inside the body due to this, foreign as standard, exterior and internal cooperation and pests.

Allergic rhinitis in nearly all doctors think that to begin with since the lung qi, Wei-table isn’t solid, cold make use of the guilty and also the nasal passage, from wrong Competing, lung can’t pass tone, body fluid stop poly extent which made sneezing, runny nose lung of enrichment is dependent around the temper from the input distribution, spleen deficiency is Lung Qi Deficiency, and also the cause of qi within the kidney, right kidney is attractive, gas doesn’t go yuan yang easy dissipation, pathogenic wind to invasion The pathogenic. Therefore, the first stages, differentiation is frequently cold through the passage from the lung or lung Yun-hot evidence, because the disease progress, deficiency and various levels of organs, frequently because the lung qi deficiency syndrome, or lung and spleen, lung and kidney deficiency, or lung, spleen, kidney three dirty all virtual. Data reveal that the medication the lung area, spleen, kidney and immune status are carefully related. For example spleen and the body-related non-specific immune function, kidney and central immune organs, bone marrow and thymus function related, but the hypothalamus – pituitary – adrenal axis function. Therefore, using modified lung area, spleen, kidney techniques, can improve immune status. The soundness from the immune purpose of the central nervous system to depend on regulation by pituitary – adrenal cortex system maintained through the neural pituitary Also, antigens, antibodies, like the role of lymphokine factors, to be able to keep up with the stability of immune function.

Traditional chinese medicine stresses the entire idea of management of allergic rhinitis, both stressed the main from the problem, but additionally consider temporary. Recently, most doctors use a number of governance around the Mixture of the concepts, to offer the reason for Tongzhi individuals. Based on the different stages of allergic rhinitis and also the clinical signs and symptoms, and also the deficiency could be split into empirical, evidence apart from the lung passage from the primary evil deficiency in organs and also the primary deficiency and disease. Dental drugs could be fully according to personal physical conditioning, local treatment can relieve the signs and symptoms of allergic rhinitis attack. May be used in clinical medicine Dental medicine soup combined by using intranasal, Point Application low quality treatment techniques.

focus on the conditioning body inside the governance Based on literatures, the cold spells of lung: the primary kinds of mixture of temperature and cold-dispelling the lung. Be selected based Guizhi Decoction. For lung deficiency: the primary kinds of mixture of Qi and solid form, fundamental addition and subtraction Yupingfen be utilized. For temper weak: the primary kinds of mixture of spleen qi, fundamental addition and subtraction Buzhongyiqitang be utilized. For that kidney shortage: the primary kinds of mixture of warming kidney yang, fundamental addition and subtraction before they are able to use Jinkuishenqiwan. Implication for lung and warmth: gas primary kinds of mixture of obvious Xuanfei, fundamental addition and subtraction before they are able to use leaking whitened powder.

The past few years, dealing with doctors selected through the parties, like the Jade Screen Powder Gui Zhang Haiyan choose Dealing with 24 cases demonstrated some effect Deng Shaoxian use HuangQiGuiZhi Dealing with 50 cases, with a particular effect. Doctors used a square self treatment, with higher effect, like the utilization of nasal Minning Ling Yanjun Fang (Notopterygium, wind, Angelica, Asarum, magnolia, geese don’t feast upon grass, fruit, heterophylla, Astragalus, Poria, Atractylodes, Schisandra, Zhigancao) in treating allergic rhinitis in 103 patients, the effective rate was 87.38% Zhao-Hui Wu used allergy rhinitis side (Radix, wind, Radix, Ophiopogon, Schisandra, Eustoma, magnolia flower , fruit, licorice) in treating allergic rhinitis in 35 cases, the effective rate was 94.3%.

Based on the literature, inside the treatment solution commonly used drugs were Astragalus, wind, magnolia, whitened technique, fruit, Asarum, Angelica. Modern pharmacology indicate these drugs around the immune function demonstrated some regulation. Astragalus more than qi Sun, Yi Wei solid form. The elevated cellular and humoral immune function, elevated plasma IgM, IgA, immune function under hypoxia. Wind as wind discomfort treatment drug, featuring anti-allergic effect, can enhance monocyte – macrophage system activity and elevated non-specific immunity, hinder cellular immunity. Magnolia energy of excellent air and also the nasal passage Xuanfei, for treating publish-Biyuan medicine, pharmacology performance for that protection from the nasal mucosa, mucosal secretions for absorption, reducing inflammation, marketing nasal patency, anti-allergic, anti-dopamine. Atractylodes stomach for that training as high as medicine, an array of clinical programs, can enhance macrophage phagocytosis, lymphocyte transformation rate increase, and promote cellular immunity. Cocklebur has introduced with the effective evacuation for nasal medicinal research has proven that cocklebur can hinder cell immunity, could considerably hinder the DNP-BSA IgE production in sensitized rodents. Asarum with reducing rheumatism and cold, warm the lung Tongqiao role, with anti-histamine, anti-allergic effect, lessen the discharge of allergic mediators, can hinder interleukin -2 (IL-2) receptor expression and therefore suppress T cell activation. Angelica can diverge cold, good nasal passage, discomfort, drugs for treating nasal obstruction of to. Are reported within the literature, in the Japanese Angelica cause of the ethanol extract of dried isolated compounds 6, which has the capacity to hinder the histamine level in rat peritoneal cavity elements.

The past few years, Traditional medications for treating allergic rhinitis received great results. Allergic rhinitis is indicated by local and connected with vascular tissue growth of bloodstream circulation disturbance and mucosal edema. Integrative research has proven that bloodstream circulation drugs, for example paeonol, red-colored peony, Danshen can relieve arterial smooth muscle spasm, accelerate bloodstream flow, improve capillary permeability, tissue fluid absorption, therefore getting rid of the nasal mucosa edema. Therefore, in treating this ailment, as appropriate, with the addition of bloodstream circulation drugs, are likely involved in symptomatic treatment.

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