Could it be really Euskaltel-Euskadi recycle for cash their buses to pay for salary

Euskaltel-Euskadi driver and staff continue to be their salaries in the month of November get with budget cuts for that 2012 season, the Basque team allegedly hits hard.

Monday and Tuesday of the week is going to be crucial to be able to ensure an even transition to some project “globilized” in 2013. They manager Miguel Madariaga is compensated towards the situation from the fundamental activities from the team now needs to be offered to ensure that the driver’s face. >

“I’ve not one other bus solutions are my salvation. We sell them, if we don’t, Fundacin Euskadi is within great danger,” stated Euskadi Irratia.

Payrolls in November and December came to 857,000 and coaches are believed at 918,000. Madariaga described the deficit was because of cuts of 1.3 million for that year, and it is certain that Euskaltel be understanding.

“The issue is not only for me personally, that’s all,” stated Madariaga. “Euskaltel wish to repair it. Notice that the majority the motorists together on which is a bad begin to the brand new season. However, first we’ve at this time, everyone has the chance to talk whatsoever, which problem is going to be solved., Hopefully everything is going to be resolved prior to the finish. “

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