Costa Concordia Captain Claims Unfair Treatment

You cannot blame a guy for trying, are you able to? Surprising news just emerge from Italia, in which the captain who wrecked his cruiseship is suing his company while he thinks he was wrongfully ignored from his job. Francesco Schettino faces serious charges for that The month of january 2012 wreck, as he steered the Costa Concordia cruiseship over rocks that triggered the deaths of 32 people and hurt or traumatized 1000’s more. He faces multiple charges in link with the incident, varying from wrongful death to abandoning ship.

Schettino’s lawyers claim that he’s fully within his legal privileges to file for this type of suit. The way the courts will get still it remains seen. The Costa Cruise Companies possessed the ill-fated ship and faces myriad class action lawsuit legal cases along with the responsibility of getting rid of its half-sunken vessel in the sea. The guy who’s largely thought to possess triggered the entire disaster is asking to state he shouldn’t happen to be fired. It’s difficult to imagine Costa may have much sympathy.

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