Copy writing. Writing texts for web portal sites

It’s a common understanding that the is an integral part from the company’s image. Therefore it ought to be not only good – it ought to be perfect. Its , usability, and, obviously, content should be absolutely perfect. Let as take a closer consider the rules of content development for corporate sites.


The main constituent of content associated with a website is definitely an article in most its manifestations. And just what is an essential facet of articles? Obviously it’s its sense. A meaningless text with many different key phrases within the article often leads site visitors to corporate sites, however it will hardly using them as clients. Therefore it is crucial to obtain the right response to the issue -Things to write?-. So, the idea of the corporate site refers back to the primary website of the organization, its -virtual office-. This means the site could have the next information:

obvious and detailed description from the items or services provided by the organization

image-developing texts about the organization

reference information: tables, certificates, standards, reference

thematic articles.

It is best to discover the data concerning the primary activity of the organization, its advantages and excellence of service directly on the primary page from the site. Why? The answer is easy. It’s the primary page that’s usually visited through the customers who’ve range from search engines like google. When the info on the primary page is not capable of bringing in the visitor’s attention, there is available high probability he leaves such site at the same time and can continue his search at other web assets. However, even an excellent, informative and attractive primary page is simply a door leading deep in to the site. If there’s nothing behind this door, it makes sense exactly the same – the site visitors leave.

Therefore whenever you write articles for corporate sites of different types of companies you need to observe several rules that are currently traditional and usually known:

don’t misuse complex figures of speech and sentences

describe the primary idea of this article in the beginning of the text

describe information you need inside a precise and obvious form

trigger information using special tags (h1, h2, strong, b etc)

observe spelling and punctuation rules

don’t use false promises or any other hard to rely on information in top advertising articles for corporate sites.

If you’re keeping a clear, crisp eye on the standard of content of the corporate site, its regular updates (at least one time per week), you are able to your website within the search engines like google and get a continuously growing .

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