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Clean Technology Control Module Industries under its CabAire division produces truck stop anti-idling systems. Anti-idling systems reduce the quantity of DPM (Diesel Particulate Matter) pollutants and diesel harmful toxins launched in to the atmosphere by permitting motorists to acquire warmth, ac, and electricity within their cabin with no need to idle their truck engines. It’s a broadly common practice for tractor trailer motorists to depart their truck engines idling to achieve warmth, ac, and electricity throughout mandated relaxation periods. Together with anti-idling systems, the organization manufactures electric vehicle supply equipment. Electric vehicle supply equipment enables a PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric vehicle), PEV (plug-in electric vehicle), EREV (extended range electric vehicle), as well as BEV (battery electric vehicle) to recharge their batteries while parked.Electric vehicle service equipment will give you the energy infrastructure for that oncoming generation of electrical automobiles. History James (Jim) S. Bianco, the leader of Control Module Industries, founded the organization in 1969 to satisfy the information capture needs of economic. Since its beginning, the organization has offered a lot of Fortune 500 companies and it has filed over 100 patents in an array of programs. Control Module Industries was the first one to implement and market bar-code technology, secure media technology, biometric technology, rf identification technology, and java prrr-rrrglable capacity into time & attendance devices. The organization has since developed from the earlier origins right into a clean technology company. Through its CabAire and EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) divisions, the organization is dedicated to keeping the atmosphere by supplying way of diesel emission reduction by marketing electricity as a substitute power source in transportation. Control Module Industries was granted 4 million U.S. federal dollars underneath the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 and underneath the EPA’s (Environment Protection Agency) National Clean Diesel Program to set up truck stop electrification systems within the U . s . States. Company Subsidiaries Personal Time Management CabAire EVSE Fleet Management Industry Organizations The organization holds various industry and non-profit organizations. As part of the EPRI (Electric Energy Research Institute) working council, the organization is trying to develop industry standards for truck stop electrification systems and electric vehicle supply equipment. CabAire, a subsidiary of Control Module Industries, is definitely an Environmental protection agency SmartWay transportation partner and it is a NATSO (National Association of Truck Stop Proprietors) member. See also Companies portal References ^ Hartford Courant – Easy Idling ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ Exterior links Official website Groups: Privately owned companies from the U . s . States

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