Condition Lighting R & D and Industry Alliance executive director, the 3rd enlarged meeting occured

Condition Lighting R & D and Industry Alliance executive director, the 3rd enlarged meeting occured in Yangzhou >

May 17, 2007, the the nations brought lighting engineering research and development and also the executive director from the Industrial Alliance Third Working enlarged meeting occured in Yangzhou Garden Worldwide Hotel. The meeting was presided over through the Union industry Executive Chairman of jade bowl, Min Jin, R & D Executive Chairman, League Secretary-General Wu Ling, Deputy Secretary-General Nguyen, executive director from the unit 22 reps attended the meeting.

The meeting took in towards the progress from the primary points from the Union in 2007, the feedback from the questionnaire from the work from the Alliance and Alliance charter changes sights debriefing. Talked about the thought of ??the development of patent Alliance, the Union is how you can promote the standardization and Union R & D funds early operation.

The meeting agreed the Union since its establishment in October 2004, includes a certain influence, next concentrate on the deep degree of industry, a considerable role to bolster the study in addition to cooperation on downstream, focusing domestic ip integrated, patent discussing, promote testing, standards, along with other try to promote and enhance the worldwide competition of Chinese businesses.

The meeting suggested that Alliance patent strategy committee patent assessment experts to build up a patent strategy, preliminary towards the phosphor like a breakthrough, and also the establishment of the patent Working Group, Dalian Road America by Grirem joint, Foshan Guoxing Shenzhen quantum. Executive director from the unit To develop a draft patent pool construction and operational level as quickly as possible lamps technical specifications make good progress based on plan, it’s suggested the Zhejiang College, Hangzhou distant information photoelectric company, Fudan College, Department of electrical light, electric light recognition center (Beijing), charge unit based on the timetable for more refinement and norms, like a breakthrough within the Alliance for that Promotion of the standard work on the right time, for an operational mode and sustainable development mechanism further promote the Union R & D Fund startup.

The meeting suggested the people from the alliance regulating models and general people from the unit through the executive director from the unit, which consider recognize and follow the Union Metabolic rate, particularly, the resource discussing of R & D results between your relevant people from the League, the idea of patent technology certification priority terms, foreign may come in to the league and relish the same privileges, the detailed rules is going to be talked about within the general meeting of Alliance people. The suggested Union people pay membership costs, mainly for that patent pool construction, construction of knowledge platform, and a number of exchange activities. Take compensated inside a certain range, and resource discussing between alliance people, for example research institutes in joint research and development and use a certain selection of experimental conditions.

The meeting initially decided to the 4th China Worldwide brought lighting Forum throughout the exhibition in Shanghai at the end of August, the convening from the Union of people from the General Set up meeting motion and organizations cooperating to accomplish through the executive director from the unit and also the Secretariat. The meeting final election by Shenzhen Royal photoelectron Co., Ltd., Hong Kong Applied Science Research Institute Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Shi Lanming Core Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Landsky Lighting Engineering Co., Ltd. of 4 models alliance regulating models.

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