Compact TOYOTA YARIS Vehicle DVD Player Covered 6.2 Inch Touchscreen with RDS

Th? vehicle DVD actor wh??h I suggest ??? today ?? unique f?r Toyota YARIS. It ?? a concise digital vehicle DVD actor w?th 6.2 inch touchscreen. W?th th? high definition ?f 800*480, ??? w?ll think homely t? ??? th? built-?n screen f?r th? exciting visual enjoyment.

It ?? packed w?th double DIN touchscreen panel wh??h ?? better th?n single DIN. Furthermore, th? built-?n Gps navigation m?k?? ??? a prudent ?nd lucky travel ?t ?n? time. B?????? ?f Bluetooth operate associated w?th automatic dial buzz call, ??? m?? h??? ?n simpler ?nd easier experience. Th? television tuner ?nd RDS operate ?nd compatible w?th DVD, VCD, Compact disc, MP3, MPEG4, Compact disc-R, WMA ?nd JPEG playbacks operate confident th? Vehicle DVD ?n entertainment ?nd travel necessity.

Oth?r works b? fond ?f wise steering veer composure, vehicle parking rearview, parking plug TFT subconsciously, handbrake composure, electronic anti-shock defence, full operate diffident composure m?d? th?? vehicle DVD w?th RDS a water provide payment ?nd practical ??t.

It houses USB port ?nd Sdcard slot, two Audio-video production, aux audio ?nd movie inputs ?nd RCA audio output. Th? bundle includes vehicle DVD actor, 2GB map card, diffident composure ?nd instructions. Desire ??? h??? a ????ll?nt travel w?th th?? unique vehicle DVD actor f?r Toyota YARIS.

More Features ?r? ?h?w?d ?n th? chasing after terms:

6.2 inch digital vehicle DVD player(800*480) Double DIN touchscreen panel Built-?n Gps navigation, BT ?nd television tuner Compatible w?th DVD, VCD, Compact disc, MP3, MPEG4, Compact disc-R, WMA ?nd JPEG playbacks Intelligent steering veer control USB port ?nd Sdcard slot Vehicle parking rearview Parking plug TFT instantly Handbrake control Electronic anti-shock protection Full operate diffident control Friend, NTSC ?nd SECAM systems Perfect compatibility two Audio-video production, aux audio ?nd movie inputs RCA audio output Energy: 12V Electricity

Here ?? th? Navigation Software Request:

WinCE.internet 5. CORE Built ?n Gps navigation:17 languages ??n b? ?h????: British, German, French, The spanish language, Nederlander, Hungarian, Czech, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Portuguese, Italian, Finland, Romania, Greek, Russian, Belgium Gps navigation plural zone function Navigation PCB: COM2, Baud Rate: 9600bps, Th? route ?f storageing SD Cards map:Storagecard*.exe Th? route ?f storageing NandFlashs map :NandFlash*.exe. Support map: Igo 8,Route66,Gate5,Papago

Facility ?? Manufactured items Manager ?t China Chief Electronics Trader, getting five years experience ?n electronics goods development.

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