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un-install the program installation, sub-situations: A: Revoltions per minute package, this package because the EXE to set up home windows File Like a myriad of documents happen to be put together and patched, which documents the area which Folder Are specified well, installation is simple, within the graphical interface in which you just double-click install instantly.

== How you can un-install: 1, open a terminal Spend 2, since the software underneath the title of LINUX range from the version number, so smart to un-install the program to look for the full title. .

Find Revoltions per minute package software: revoltions per minute-qa * Note: means the program title from the first couple of letters aren’t needed to create all, but don’t mistake, * may be the wildcard “*”, that’s, an asterisk, if you wish to discover the machine yard REALPLAYER installed software can type: revoltions per minute-qa realplay *

3, find software, shown through the full title from the software, for example opera-1..1-1.3.2

Implementation from the un-install command: revoltions per minute-e opera-1..1-1.3.2 === Installation directory, execute the command to locate: revoltions per minute-ql opera-1..1-1.3.2 === Reference article: B: tar.gz (bz or bz2, etc) in the finish from the source code package, what are supply of this package, not put together, must be put together before installation, cellular phone techniques are:

1, open a Spend, the terminal 2, using the Compact disc command towards the source code directory where compressed 3, based on the type unzip compressed files (* representing the compressed package title) Tar-zxvf ****. tar.gz Tar-jxvf ****. (or bz2) 4, using the Compact disc command to go in the removed directory

5, go into the build file command:. / Configure (some compressed package already put together, this task can help to save)

6, then your command: make 7, then your installation file command: make install 8, installed === How you can un-install: 1, open a Spend, the terminal 2, put together using the Compact disc command to go in the program directory, your directory that’s installed

3, the implementation of anti-install command: make un-install ==== Installation directory: Note makeinstall command throughout cellular phone directory, or browse the readme file within the installation directory, obviously, a great way is specified throughout installing cellular phone directory, ie. / Configure command adopted Add parameter – prefix =/**,

For example:. / Configure – prefix = / usr / local / aaaa, the software set up in / usr / local / path aaaa ezinearticles. General software’s default installation directory in / usr / local or / subscriber, you are able to visit Zhaozhao

C: towards the finish from the installation package bin, this package is comparable to Revoltions per minute packages, cellular phone is comparatively simple

1, open a Spend, the terminal 2, using the Compact disc command towards the source code directory where compressed 3, to file for using the executable attribute: chmod x ******. bin (the center may be the letter x, lowercase)

3, execute the command :./******. bin (realplayer for linux is a such installation package) === How you can un-install: cellular phone, choose cellular phone directory to remove around the OK === You are able to specify cellular phone process, like the home windows installed. 2, after setting up the program implementation. After setting up the program could be many different ways of implementation from the software:

A, some software will instantly install the applying list with cutting corners, and home windows regarding how to locate around the trip.

B, when the application list can’t think it is, could be directly in / Start / Run command to input the command: Start command general is software title, for example opera, realplay, xmms, etc.

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