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Types Current A contemporary British Military Mk. 6 Helmet A contemporary German Military Gefechtshelm U . s . States soldier putting on the MICH TC-2000. A side look at a Vietnam-era M1 helmet 17th century Persian helmet (Safavid military) sixth century Spangenhelm Model Roots Customers Notes SPECTRA helmet France utilized by in france they Military, Danish Military, Un peacekeeping forces MICH Combat Helmet U . s . States produced for use by Special Procedures Forces through the U . s . States Military and grew to become the foundation from the Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH) Lightweight Helmet U . s . States utilized by U . s . States Marine Corps Mk. 6 Helmet/Mk. 7 Uk utilized by British Military (all arms) BK-6 Helmet Croatia utilized by the Croatian Military CCB (Combat Ballistic Helmet) South america Utilized by the Brazilian Military in 2 versions: Polymer and Kevlar. Enhanced Combat Helmet Australia CG634 Canada Utilized by the Canadian Forces since 1998. PASGT U . s . States Utilized by the USAF, but has been eliminated through the ACH US Air Pressure GOLFO Military of Chile (Chile) PASGT variant QGF03 Individuals Republic of China PLA QGF02 Individuals Republic of China PLA SSh68 Russia Steel helmet Russian Military Russia 6B7-1L Russia Kevlar helmet Russian military and Naval Infantry Russia STSh-81 Russia Titanium helmet Russian Special Forces Russia Kolpak 2 Russia Kevlar helmet Russian military OR 201 Israel Kevlar helmet Israel Defense Forces KASDA Israel Kevlar helmet Israel Defense Forces Gefechtshelm Schuberth B826 Germany utilized by the Bundeswehr, Swiss Military, Nederlander Military along with other nations – PASGT type helmet MARTE The country Protec type helmet changing PASGT type headgear Sistema Compositi SEPT-2 PLUS Italia utilized by an italian man , Military Sistema Compositi SUPERUBOTT Italia utilized by Special Models (particularly GIS) from the Italian Police Force community Tecnoplast TD-71 Italia utilized by an italian man , Police Force community for riot control Type 88 Helmet Japan utilized by the JSDF – PASGT type helmet M80 Helmet Iraq Plastic and cloth helmet, limited use MKU headgear India utilized by over 40 nations M87 Nigeria Kevlar helmet South African Military Hjlm 90 Sweden utilized by the Swedish Military PASGT helmet U . s . States Military and Navy, AustraliaAustralian Military RBH303IE Ireland Utilized by the Irish Defence Pressure Mile Dragi M-97 Serbia Utilized by the Serbian Military – PASGT type helmet Mile Dragi M-05 Serbia Utilized by Serbian Special Forces – MICH type helmet The First World War – Vietnam Model Roots Customers Notes Adrian helmet France utilized in France, Belgium, Japan, Kingdom of Serbia, Yugoslavia, U . s . States, Ussr, Italia Brodie helmet Uk utilized in Uk, Canada, U . s . States, Australia Mk III Turtle helmet Canada, Uk Bulgarian M36 Helmet Bulgaria M1 helmet U . s . States Military, Marine Corps Canada Pickelhaube Germany Soviet headgear throughout The Second World War Ussr Stahlhelm Germany Chile, China Hem wz. 31 Belgium Medieval and early modern period military Model Roots Customers Notes Bascinet Burgonet Capeline a steel skullcap worn by archers Cervelliere Great helm Kabuto Japan Samurai helmet Pickelhaube Sallet Spangenhelm Ancient military Model Roots Notes Loft helmet ancient greek language military helmet Boeotian helmet ancient greek language cavalry helmet Chalcidian helmet ancient greek language military helmet Corinthian helmet ancient greek language military helmet Disc and stud helmet Ancient Illyrian military helmet Galea (helmet) ancient Roman military helmet Horned helmet Illyrian type helmet ancient greek language military helmet Kegelhelm ancient greek language military helmet Negau helmet ancient Etruscan headgear discovered in Negau, Slovenia Pilos ancient greek language military helmet Pot helmet Ancient Illyrian military helmet Thracian helmet ancient Thracian military helmet Various periods Model Roots Customers Notes Kettle hat References Wikimedia Commons has media associated with: Military headgear ^ a b – ^ Bronze Corinthian helmet, ca. 500 BC, Staatliche Antikensammlungen (Inv. 4330) Galea – Concerning the Galea ^ a b – c ^ a b – c Axis History Factbook: A history from the German Stahlhelm ^ a b – c German Pickelhaube Spiked Helmet Evolution Guide ^ a b – Heaumes Page ^ a b – Index CEF Headgear ^ Kevlar Pasgt Helmet ^ ^ MSA: Casques Militaires ^ Advanced Combat Helmet ( ACH ) ^ Advanced Combat Helmet ACH ^ US Military Taking Delivery of Advanced Combat Headgear ^ The Warrior ^ PLCE and the body Armour ^ ^ a b – Military Photos: New Australian Combat Helmet ^ Canadian Military Police Virtual Museum ^ Canada ^ ^ Department From The Air Pressure ^ a b – world wide web.militaryphotos.internet/forums/showthread.php?t=99988&page=685 ^ Sistema Compositi SEPT-2 PLUS helmet ^ Sistema Compositi SUPERUBOTT helmet ^ Tecnoplast TD-71 riot control helmet ^ India Today 2008 02 14 article on MKU headgear ^ Kevlar Pasgt Helmet ^ Mile Dragi Production M-97S/P ^ Mile Dragi Production M-05S/P ^ ^ Home from the M-1 Helmet ^ The Burgonet ^ 75years – Great Helms ^ Simon Coupland, “Carolingian Arms and Armor within the Ninth Century”, (utilized 10 March 2006). ^ research=Hdt. 4.180.1 Herodotus, The Histories (erectile dysfunction. A. D. Godley) Exterior links Modern military headgear Groups: Combat headgear

Medieval headgear ts

Personal armour

Military uniforms


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