ClipShare PHP Code Idiot Proof Setup and Problem Fixing Guide

ClipShare for me may be the premiere video discussing script open to the customer. If you are planning to operate the program you need to get the ClipShare Professional version (current edition by this writing is v3.15).

ClipShare is a superb script, nevertheless the designers from the package are several ragtag designers from Eastern Europe. Their customer support level is horrible. I required me days to obtain response using their support staff so when Used to do (2 days) the only real factor they did was damage my server. Their member forum isn’t far better. It requires forever to obtain eco-friendly lighted in to the member area and the majority of the details are out-of-date and also the purchasers are screaming about insufficient response. So if you’re offered or ahem, “obtain” this php script you are well on your personal.

Fortunately you discovered this informative guide which most likely will probably be your salvation.

First you have to get a server with one of these specs: (request your webhost in case your server is going to do the task)

Linux Server (some old distributions aren’t supported Apache Web Server MySQL (version 4 ) PHP four to five PHP Configuration safe_mode = off max_execution_time = 1000 (suggested to avoid timeouts throughout video upload/conversion) session.gc_maxlifetime = 14000 (suggested to avoid session expires throughout video upload) open_basedir = (no value) output_loading = on upload_max_filesize = 100M (suggested maximum video upload size in Megabytes) publish_max_size = 100M (suggested maximum video upload size in Megabytes) GD Library 2 or greater Mplayer Mencoder () Flv2tool () Libogg Libvorbis () LAME MP3 Encoder () CGI-BIN Access Apache mod_rewrite Enabled PHP Configuration (php.ini): register_argc_argv = On Must have the ability to run PHP in the command line (CLI) with professional() Permitted execution of background processes with professional(“binary > /dev/null &”)

If you do not comprehend exactly what the above bare essentials mean and also have no learning Linux and PHP setup, stop worrying. You will find many good specialists that may configure your server for ClipShare. The configuration of the server is simply too complex to tackle within this blurb. If you have no idea how, obtain a professional!

Let’s us assume your server is perfectly setup, you are able to pay ClipShare (not suggested), or perhaps a journeyman tech to create the ClipShare software for you personally. Assume to pay for $25-75 for that work.

Are you able to handle this on your own? Sure, but many individuals will have difficulties with the setup.

This is actually the essential ClipShare directions:

1. Edit /upload/cgi-bin/ inside a text editor, and alter the road to (in which you will install the script)/tmp/uploader/

2. Edit /upload/include/config.local.php inside a text editor and hang $config’BASE_URL’ and also the database qualifications.

3. Optional: Edit /upload/include/language.php to get rid of / add language files

4. Upload the contents (just the contents, not the folder itself) from the /upload folder in your server, in BINARY mode

5. Set write permissions (chmod 777) towards the following folders:

/flvideo /video /thumb /chimg /photo /tmp /tmp/logs /tmp/periods /tmp/thumbs /tmp/uploader /cache/templates_c

6. Set execute permissions (chmod 755) to /cgi-bin and /cgi-bin/

7. Create a database and database user. Import the database dump from /sql/clipshare.sql with phpmyadmin

8. Access your ClipShare Administrator Panel at

Default admin user / password: admin / admin

– Alter the admin user / password !!

– Alter the site title, email, meta key phrases, description, etc

– Optional: change different configurations

– Create channels and groups

– Add your advertising

– You should check if all needs and designs are Ok around the “System Check” page

Lots of people stick to the above and have ClipShare problems.

You still possess the dismaying “ERROR: Unsuccessful to locate flength file”

Check the correct path in /cgi-bin/

Like: /home/cpaneluser/public_html/tmp/uploader/

With this particular wrongly set up is generally may be the problem.

IMPORTANT! Should you install ClipShare on the sub-folder for example:


Your url let’s imagine could be:

The folder and file /cgi-bin/ have to be within the root directory: /home/cpaneluser/public_html/cgi-bin/

and never: /home/cpaneluser/public_html/clipsharevideo/cgi-bin/

This wrong setting require me to pay an entire evening of problem solving.

And something other common failure is triggered through the permissions not set right (specially the file must be (chmod 755), not the default (chmod 644).

You will find ample products that may go South, because of this horribly recorded software, but after some guidence you could have your video application up very quickly.

Always you can message me free of charge advice at MicroPirates.internet. I’m also able to show you to get affordable compensated technicians and many reliable server providers who offer all of the ClipShare requirements.

Thank you for reading through!

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