‘cisco’ GLC T 1000Base T SFP Transceiver

The ‘cisco’ industry-standard 1000BASE-T Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP) gigabit interface ripper tools (GBIC) is really a hot-swappable input/output device that connects to a Gigabit Ethernet port or slot, connecting the main harbour using the network. The Approved Optics SFP provides full-duplex Gigabit Ethernet connectivity to high-finish work stations and between wiring closets over existing copper network infrastructure. The ‘cisco’ SFP GLC-T is really a Class 1 laser product. It fully matches the multi-sourcing agreement (MSA) which allows results in most MSA compliant platforms. The GLC-T should be operatred inside the specified temperature and current limits. The optical ports from the module will be ended by having an optical connector or having a dust plug. ‘cisco’ GLC T is hot swappable to ensure that when they’re used, the gear doesn’t need reboot.

‘cisco’ GLC-T SFP is really a Small GBIC transceiver use Category 5 wiring for optimum 100 meters span. GLC T SFP is compliant to 1000Base T standards for Gigabit Ethernet. GLC T SFP max working span is 100 meters. It’s with standard SFP package to suit the ‘cisco’ hubs or switches. The 1000BASE-T SFP works on standard Category 5 wiring as high as 100m link length.

Fiberstore may be the original manufacturer of ‘cisco’ SFP GLC-T -‘cisco’ GLC T 1000Base T SFP transceiver module for Category 5 copper wire, 100m, RJ-45 connector. We feature ‘cisco’ GLC T SFP equivalent transceivers and related SFP modules. Our GLC T SFP items are fully suitable for ‘cisco’ hubs and switches, they offer full duplex Gigabit Ethernet links to high-finish between wiring closets over existing copper network infrastructure. Each Fiberstore GLC-T is designed having a unique serial number along with a ‘cisco’ compatible CRYPTO code. Additionally, Fiberstore’s GLC-T is instantly rate adaptable to operation at 10, 100, or 1000Mbps speeds over as much as 100 meters of unshielded twisted-pair category 5 cable. Like several fiberstore items, the GLC-T is backed with a 3-year non- prorated warranty, free email/phone tech support team and advanced alternative (with RMA) and guaranteed emergency spares.

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