Choose 77002, not 77003 with 64640

In case your payer declines 77003 whenever you bill it with 64640, proclaiming that the codes are mutually exclusive, do you need 77002 rather for that guidance (C-arm imaging) from the needle?

Yes you should use 77002 (Fluoroscopic guidance for needle positioning [e.g., biopsy, aspiration, injection, localization device]). This frequently may be the complaint to report along with 64640 (desctruction by neurolytic agent other peripheral nerve or branch). ).

This is because: Code 77002 describes fluoroscopic guidance throughout discomfort management injection methods whenever your physician needs guidance for needle positioning in areas apart from the spine. Should you submit 64640, it signals the payer that you are not confirming a spine injection.

Code 77003 is perfect for fluoroscopic guidance from the methods incorporated within the descriptor. The injection symbolized by 64640 falls outdoors individuals parameters.

In case your provider carried out the destruction procedure within an ambulatory surgery center or hospital outpatient department, append modifier 26 (professional component) to report your provider’s professional element of the fluoro-scopic needle guidance. You should also seek advice from the local payer about specific recommendations of these methods. The newest CCI edits don’t bundle 77002 and 64640 like a comprehensive/component pair or as mutually exclusive. But you have to have a check up on whether the local payer has different bundling guidelines.

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