China’s cabinet industry development trend analysis

Using the rapid growth and development of real estate market, the commercial housing prices jumped, increasing numbers of people give consideration to space per block to make the most of the area, your kitchen isn’t any exception. Nowadays, Cabinet design required benefit of just cupboard, and linked to an exterior to create a whole, not just take advantage of the area, but additionally easier handling stockpiles, this design might be well-liked by the more youthful generation. First, Environment awareness Based on a current survey on kitchen restoration pollution, nearly 7 percent from the recently refurbished home in the kitchen area, excessive amounts of chemicals, a 60% non-standard installation, which low quality factors resulting in security risks in the kitchen area. Therefore, the entire kitchen with material environment health, design humane and intelligent electric kitchen would be the first selection of customers, the environment cabinet cabinets recently would be the greatest feature. When it comes to cabinet companies, the environment cabinet reflected the excellent production capacity from the enterprise, not only using eco-friendly materials. -The Residential Kitchen- industry standard promulgated through the condition in October 2006, clearly requires and cabinet items chemicals emission should be under or comparable to 9mg/100g. How much environment protection from the cabinet is a crucial element in restricting the marketplace competition of businesses, but additionally an essential symbol of an extensive production capacity. Second, a persons inclination In present day rapid economic development, individuals are progressively high needs on quality of existence. Actually, the style of your cabinet add-ons directly determines the standard of cabinets around the use , quality and luxury, that your direct reflection of the standard of cabinets. Companies have to base on the requirements of customers, and also the most fundamental needs from the kitchen for that customers is clean, eco-friendly, and simple to consider proper care of. Kitchen installed some automatic configuration, so cooking simpler, interesting, might be increasing numbers of people is going to be attracted by these more intimate, facilitate humane kitchen. To combined with home appliances and cabinets can also be modern home kitchen humane design trends. Third, Overall kitchen design standardization (1)the general idea of your kitchen will end up the dominant Using the industry in the introduction of china cabinet, cupboard businesses have introduced Europe’s “Kitchen” concept into China to spread the idea of “existence in the kitchen areaInch, “kitchen living the dream”, to ensure that everyone to savor a higher-quality product simultaneously enjoy more high-grade kitchen existence. (2)consumer demand To adjust to the short pace of existence within the city, and customers are demanding fine decoration kitchen, also hope to obtain a one-stop shop and repair. Hood electrical integration, standardization from the whole kitchen will have the ability to satisfy the need for the customers. Whether it’s industry or enterprise development energy source is consumer demand, the cabinet electrical integration, standardization from the whole cabinet will end up the inevitable trend of rise in your cabinet industry. Additionally, the wood can satisfy the interest in high-finish clients. Wood cabinets because the cabinets within the high-finish consumer goods. Due to its greatest value-added, lots of high-finish clients has wood cabinets because the first selection of the entire cabinet, so not rule available is really a growth trend in the intake of wood cabinets later on. Yongkang zhongrui Industry and Trade Co., Ltd, are professional manufacturing forged and difficult anodized kitchenware. Our organization is the owner of one set automatic hard anodized processing line, one set automatic spray fresh paint line. We’re concentrate on forged all type of baking pans and soup pan. Hopefully you are able to come along and established lengthy-term relations of cooperation around. Product:

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