China mlcc manufacturing r & d to interrupt the technological monopoly of foreign-mlcc capacitor

In 2008 in the annual meeting of China Electronics Technology, Shenzhen Yu Yang Yong Technology Co., Ltd. Technical Director to complete the “R & D and manufacturing technology in China MLCC over the nick and internationalization of recent high” from the report.

Technology Development Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Yu Yang Yong Technical Director to to

He stated capacitor is a vital foundation for electronic information industry components, mainly computer and peripheral devices, telecommunications and audio-visual three groups of programs. Different qualities won’t be the same capacitor. Capacitor includes MLCC (multi-nick Ceramic capacitors ), Tantalum Capacitors , Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor , Organic film capacitors . Which, MLCC with miniaturization, high-frequency technology, ultra low loss, high stability, high current, high insulation, low capacitance, low-cost, hot temperature, etc, is the perfect capacitor items.

To Yong, stated, in the 60’s to 70’s century, the Uk, Japan, the U . s . States emerged the idea of MLCC 20th century and also the mid-80s, 715 Chinese landmass, and 798 industrial facilities and businesses have many provinces in the U . s . States introduce 13 production lines MLC early 90s of 20th century, china landmass businesses and Dali Kai, Intervet, well-informed mutual merger integration, Fenghua Group stick out within this period the final century the 90’s, Japan and Columbia started a beachhead China market of the century, the earth’s leading companies in the market peak of Philips abandoned the passive components, MLCC industry started to spread in Taiwan BME (base metal inside a new generation of high end electrodes) technology, the nation’s giant, China new, up side Container Yang along with other Taiwanese companies in China’s rise, Japanese companies to interrupt the technological monopoly BME manufacturing, cost-effective technology upgrades and inexpensive MLCC technology to create a significant contribution.

2001, the industry’s New Military Technology Development Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Yu Yang (the “Yu Yang Technology”) was established and created a BME-MLCC items, and 2 other peer companies, manufacturing businesses constitute a localized ” Troika. ” Yu Yang edge technology within the energy metal of performance, design and workmanship within the materials to handle technical development, including sub-micron ultra-fine material dispersion and related technology, in addition to high-frequency high-Q material system and structure of high-current MLCC design. Yu Yang and Technology in 2002 completed a 0402BME micro-MLCC, the project to fill the space. March 2004, was the first one to achieve 0402 Micro Nick Multilayer Ceramic capacitors How big the domestic production. 0402BME micro level MLCC a lot more than their Japanese alternatives, recently China continues to be significant progress in this region. Yu Yang Technologies have further created a high-capacity micro-MLCC, the most recent X5R-0402-105 continues to be effectively developed, the medium thickness is 2 microns, ultra-miniaturized 0201MLCC be recognized through scientific and technological accomplishments. Yu Yang would be the Worldwide Science Cooperation , Envisioned having a number one position in domestic alternatives.

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