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Start time: 2009-03-13 Finish time: 2009-03-15 Venue: Chengdu Century City New Worldwide Convention and Exhibition Center

Contact: Liu Cheng Contact Phone: 028-80905247,13880447866 Backed by: China Light Industry foreign economic & technical cooperation

Sponsor: Dana Exhibition Co., Ltd. Chengdu

Show Introduction “Financial tsunami” to create great alterations in China’s economy, export setback, raw material prices, labor costs elevated significantly, export businesses have switched towards the domestic market attention. Recently, many large businesses decide to election plant inland, turning west for brand new developments. The central government to dedicate funding to advertise economic recovery and national intends to the finish of 2010 about 4 trillion yuan investment to grow domestic demand growth. Preliminary information, the groups recognized within our province an overall total investment of three trillion yuan. 5.12 Sichuan earthquake that toppled the folks that, with strong determination, steady progress in renovation, economic development has progressively started again normal, following the disaster in Sichuan has more preferential guidelines and financial support, Sichuan and also the western market, highlights the introduction of more new possibilities.

Sichuan, the benefit is extremely obvious: to attempt Hua Nanhua, the bond Southwest Northwest and Central Asia, Southeast Asia as well as an important crossroads of communication and transport corridors, the western region of numerous factors and important distribution center for goods, Yunnan, Guizhou, Gansu along with other provinces indigo important grounds for economic development. “Three-center, two modems,” “Top Most Investment Worth of China City”, “Best Tourist City”?? Chengdu within the western political, economic, cultural, tourism, transportation, commercial center, economic output in the western world provincial capital metropolitan areas rated first.

Sichuan has numerous features crafts for example: Silk Brocade, Shu embroidery porcelain body Bamboo , Lacquerware, silver crafts, jiange stick, within the River bamboo, Qiang embroidery, Qingcheng carpet, Jiang carving bamboo reed. 2010 Sichuan gift sales will achieve 11.685 billion, west inexpensive, excellent income, many major gifts professional market (Wenshufang, send Xianqiao antique Art City, Jinli street, lane width, etc.) well-known institutions have joined attract gift Chengdu, western China this new Gift Market Center has been increasingly more attention inside the industry.

Held at the same time?? ” Dana advertising four new exhibition, ” An exhibit section of 15,000 square meters, a lot more than 300 participants, 2.six million site visitors, 13,070,000 yuan of site turnover, turnover of 37.two million yuan of great interest is just about the first western advertising development.

Exhibition Promotion Breakdown by product category

recruitment audience 650,000 shares associated with the organization Dana Group Number

purchasers direct mail invitation: 100,000 letters

purchasers e-mail invitation: 150,000 letters

purchasers SMS invites: 180,000 articles

10 a lot more than the professional market, professional associations and major tour site visitors

promotion of media coverage: the general public press, television and r / c a lot more than 50, since the town of Chengdu and also the surrounding western metropolitan areas a lot more than 20 professional journals, websites happen to be a lot more than 35 advertisements, site visitors can have information learned through various channels

media by industry professionals Cooperation Strong industry partners asked purchasers to see the western metropolitan areas tour Lai Rong

Sichuan and also the area shops, hotels, wholesale focused recruitment of “household goods” large purchasers now arrived

tourist points of interest within the gift shop in Sichuan, the city’s major departmental stores, gift distribution in Sichuan Proxy Being asked traders along with other initial phase

Dana practices sticking to handle the very first two several weeks inside the organization to visit Sichuan and neighboring provinces and cities a myriad of shopping malls, departmental stores, boutique wholesale city, supermarket chains, Antique, gift wholesale, gift shop, import and export company , large-scale foreign institutions, government departments, major marketplaces and gift industry pay outs asked to see the direct in person

Exhibits gifts: gifts, novelties, crafts, Marketing products , Souvenirs, metal ornaments, memorabilia, etc. You Bi. Crafts: Very craft, glass craft, glass, ceramics, crafts, Sculpture Crafts. cultural gifts: stationery, office business gifts, paper items, packaging, clocks and watches, fashion add-ons, beauty items and so forth. Electronic Gifts : Toys, electronic calendar, small electrical home appliances. household products: bedding, kitchen supplies, leather goods, luggage bags, travel sports, outside items, home add-ons and so forth.

Participation Fee Stand ( 9 ?) ( Such as the three sections, fascia, one table, two chairs, two spotlights, 220V energy outlet ) An Area: domestic businesses 4200 RMB / Booth foreign businesses 450 USD / booth B: domestic businesses 3800 RMB / Booth foreign businesses 400 USD / booth indoor light to ( 36 ? Minimum) (Just the corresponding part of the exhibition space, needs Other Exhibition using the lease or construct your own)

Domestic businesses 400 RMB / square meter of foreign businesses 60 USD / m

Note : 1, the above mentioned costs, including security, cleaning costs, show promotion advertising, exhibition Catalogue, etc. 2, energy consumption and non-standard configuration, have to hire another

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