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The idea of self-entertainment projector was brought to China after nearly 2 yrs, its share of the market in growing. The requirement for home theatre and SOHO office who began the usefulness from the projector and also the good economic performance within an attractive configuration of the very most direct reason behind such customers, however in some bars and KTV in keeping TV Items have grown to be progressively not able to satisfy consumer demand viewing, the alternative of affordable good projector for big screen projection, to ensure that more and more people while entertainment has turned into a priority during these industries. Mitsubishi’s new GS-316 is customized of these customers towards the product. Let’s focus on location-based entertainment and private SOHO their marketing.

Mitsubishi GS 316 HC Education Network with map GS-316 using DLP Technology The .55-inch DMD nick, Mitsubishi’s unique color improvements (extreme color light energy modulation technology), giving him much more amazing facets of color expression. This machine has 2200 lumens brightness, can well satisfy the office at home and entertainment needs from the atmosphere, while 800 600 resolution screen within the video is its capacity, 2000:1 contrast ratio in conjuction with the mainstream level. Machine is compact, measures only 320 104 236mm, for simple movement, but additionally save space. Furthermore, GS-316 Mitsubishi also built a energy of 2W speaker, inside a more quiet atmosphere, customers don’t need exterior audio equipment, you are able to Beautifully to look at video programs, particulars which is between originality! !

To look at design, GS-316 continues the sooner discharge of the GX-318’s unique styling and fresh paint spend, and whitened body also constitutes a product that’s much more stylish with generous, almost people don’t check this out just an entry-level items. Regardless of the low finish, however this GS-316 thermal design by no means reduced, pore on both sides engrossed in warmth, airways straight through design is favorable to rapidly disperse the warmth within the cabinet.

Conditioning in perspective, which items to aid the ft with the front screw height from the screen to regulate the keystone correction using the menu, you are able to enable customers to make use of the occasion in a number of projection images tend to be more rules. Within the fuselage side, we are able to also see GS-316 anti-thievery bar, the look within the entry-level items are rare, but additionally reflect the performance of suppliers better humanity.

Mitsubishi GS-316 fundamental parameters: Product Type Education Projectors Display Technology DLP Technology type and specifications of .55-inch DMD nick, DDP2230

Standard display resolution (dpi) 800 * 600 Nominal contrast 2000:1 2200 lumen brightness nominal Screen Size 30-250 inches Projector bulb Energy (W) 160 (economical mode) / 180 (standard mode) Projector light existence (hrs) 4000 (Energy-saving mode) / 3000 (standard mode) Input RGB: 15 pin small D-sub Audio: Stereo system small jack Video: RCA Output interface RS-232C (8 pin small DIN) Other connects 2W mono Noise (dB) 26 Machine Energy (W)

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