Couple of Forecasts BY NOSTRADAMUS By POTULURI VIRABRAHMENDRA SWAMI Concerning The Finish OF PRESENT WORLD And Just How ” New World ” Will Begin.

1 World War III will gradually begin with November,2010, and bacteriological and chemical weapons is going to be used. Among the famous astrologists predicted that economic problems this year will grow. Many large companies will declare personal bankruptcy. This makes hunger, religious and ethnical conflicts, and environmental problems. Climatic change will greatly damage agriculture.

2. Russia are affected from the wave of earthquakes. One of these will destroy an enormous building.. 3. Nostradamus had predicted using nuclear weapon on the planet War

3. He have pointed out concerning the nuclear plants and also the nuclear missiles which will destroy the planet and also the mankind.

4. Under Developed War is going to be preceded by an unparalleled rise in large-scale natural calamities around the globe like large earthquakes, tsunamis, severe weather, tornadoes, surges, famines etc. Localized wars, revolutions, political disturbances and massive terrorist attacks increases. Assassinations of much talked about leaders will occur and tensions between various nations will rise. The financial systems of numerous nations is going to be seriously affected, resulting in unemployment or inflation. The particular war could be of the short duration but is stated to become several occasions more destructive when it comes to the price of human lives and property than all of the previous world wars taken together.

5.Wealthy Individuals Will BECOME Comparable To Middle-class AND Middle-class Individuals Will BECOME Comparable To The Indegent (If yourEqualsw and b=c ,aEqualsd),I am talking about wealthy individuals will become comparable to the indegent. Quite Simply,Due To NATURAL CALAMITIES Wealthy PEOPLE AND Middle-class Individuals Will LOOSE EVERY Factor And Be Comparable To The Indegent AND ATLAST THERE Will Not Be ANY Distinction Between Wealthy,MIDDLE AND The Indegent.

6 .India will make the immortal ruler, Seeing knowledge and energy of limitless scope, Asia will bow before overcoming scholar. Nostradamus is which makes it obvious the conqueror is a Hindu from South India. He’ll bind Asia together under his rule. The Hindu leader will conquer the communists by effective them from the timeless types of Hinduism. Russia will end up India’s ally.Based On -‘KALAGNANAM -‘ BY POTULURI VIRABRAHMENDRA SWAMI, THE Title From The IMMORTAL RULER IS The almighty SHIVA(THE DESTRUTOR Or Even The RECREATER)

7.Meanwhile, NOSTRADAMUS forecasts, after furious warfare, the Moslems is going to be totally destroyed. There won’t be any trace left of either Mecca or Medina. The creed of Muhammad will vanish forever.

The empire of Islam by Hindus overthrown, Nearly all Moslems will succumb, To radio-active fall-out by India blown, Making Muhammad forever quiet and numb. Oddly enough, in the prose-summary of the “Centuries”, the seer dwells at some length around the destruction of Islam and Mecca. The town is going to be smashed up in a way that individuals who come in will sicken and

die. Intrestingly, even Islamic texts predict disaster within the 15th century of the religion.

8. The Pope will fly from his lair. A lot of Europe will repudiate the false tenets of Christianity. The Bible-chanting local clergy dies. The traditional sway of Hinduism is going to be restored. Vedic chants will again fill the environment..

9. New political and economic ideas will begin to form, and they’ll drastically alter the future. Individuals will ignore NEWTON AND EINSTEIN.

10. New robots-androids can look and will also be brought to day-to-day existence. Homes uses robots to assist with chores.

11. Scientific proof of the presence of soul is going to be discovered..

12. The UFO mystery is going to be solved, and our world is going to be visited by visitors using their company planets..

13. Photo voltaic activity will drop..

14. A really vibrant, formerly unknown comet can look and coincide using the duration of great geological troubles, with earthquakes and volcanoes erupting and interfering with weather systems. This makes common famines, droughts, and social upheavals in unpredicted places. Nations which are considered prosperous and effective, particularly western nations, is going to be destabilized.

15. Ponds,RIVERS WILL Dried Out.In accordance TO -‘KALAGNANAM” RIVER GANGA WILL Dry Out-..

16. There’ll appear so huge a plague which more than sixty-six per cent around the globe will fail and decay.


18.Photo voltaic ACTIVITY WILL disrupt communication and energy grids.

19. A sizable bird will fly within the USA, Satan themself will lay a explosive device, and individuals will cry bloody tears.

20 WHEN LAST TREE WAS DESTROYED On The Planet ,Signifies Finish OF Some WORLD AND ” New World ” (NEW EVOLUTION OF Existence On The Planet ) WAS Began.

.21..The planet will start new following the World War 3 and also the peace will the restored.Based On MAYAN CALENDER PRESENT WORLD WILL Finish ,Through The Finish OF 2012 AND ” New World “(NEW EVOLUTION OF Existence ) Will Begin On The Planet FROM THEN.

Based on Potuluri Vira Brahmendra swamy, the Basavanna (stone nandi) of Yaganti can come alive and shout when Kali Yuga finishes- NANDI May Be The VEHICLE FOR SHIVA.

Within the -Brahma-Vaivarta Purana-, The almighty Krishna informs Ganga Devi that the Golden Age will be the Kali Yuga – among the four stages of development the world experiences included in the cycle of eras, as referred to in Hindu scriptures. The almighty Krishna predicted this Golden Age will begin 5,000 years after the start of the Kali Yuga, and can continue for 10,000 years.Even Just In -‘KALAGNANAM” It’s WRITTEN THAT GOLDEN AGE (SATYA YUGA) WIL START 5000 YEARS AFTER The Start Of KALIYUGA. Mayan Prediction Matches Hindu Prediction. It’s amazing that both calendars started at comparable time over 5,000 years back and both calendars predict an entirely ” new world ” and/or golden age after about 5,000 years to their calendars.

22. .Following The Finish OF WORLD THERE Will Not Be ANY Existence FORM On The Planet WHICH Is dependent ON AIR ,WATER AND FOOD..

23 .Following The Finish Around The Globe Couple of HUMANS WILL LEFT AND Individuals HUMANS WILL TRASNFORM Directly Into GODS.( NOTE::::::::::::Based On PURANAS AND VEDAS Individuals Who DRINK NECTAR OR AMRUTA ,On Their Behalf There’s You Don’t Need To TAKE AIR ,WATER AND FOOD.I Am Talking About Individuals PEOPLE May Also Survive Without Having TAKING AIR,WATER AND FOOD..

24. INDIA Will End Up SUPER Energy COUNTRY.

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