Matthew 3:12 “- His winnowing fork is within His hands, and that he will obvious his threshing floor and gather His wheat in to the barn, however the chaff He’ll burn with unquenchable fire.”

A king gave a really costly coat to his boy. The ungrateful and careless prince spoiled the coat inside a very small amount of time. The king changed the costly coat with a much more costly one. Towards the disappointment from the king, his boy rapidly soiled the 2nd coat much more than the first. The king then had ready for the prince probably the most exquisite outfit you could weave. He hired the very best tailors and weavers of thread. The gold and silver threaded coat shined within the brightness from the sun. The prince was pleased in the new coat however the king made the decision that his boy must only receive it – after he demonstrated themself worthy.

This parable is trained within the Talmud concerning the Jerusalem Temple. The very first Temple was built by King Solomon. Because the prince’s coat, Solomon’s Temple was defiled by compromise and disobedience within the pre-first exile era. The 2nd Temple was built when Jews came back in the Babylonian captivity. This Temple being more defiled than the first leading to the current-day second exile. The prophet Ezekiel talks of the return of Israel’s families towards the Land as well as another Temple: the Temple from the Messianic Age (Ezekiel 37-48).

The 2nd Temple was the scene from the Abomination of Desolation spoken of through the prophet Daniel and known to through the Master (1 Maccabee 1 Matthew 24:15) dads and moms of Antiochus Epiphanes which triggered the effective Maccabee revolt. Following the rag-tag Israeli military brought through the Maccabee family won the war, they purified and cleaned the Temple to be used through the People of God again.

In teaching His disciples concerning the occasions which will usher the Messianic Era, Yeshua makes reference to this Maccabee revolt. Somewhat, it will likely be exactly the same. The reconstructed Temple in Jerusalem is going to be desecrated through the nations, however when Yeshua returns in the clouds from the Heavens (Functions 1:11) in the finish from the Fight of Armageddon, He purifies the Temple for the use again.

Once we light our third candle tonight, let’s anticipate the Messianic Chronilogical age of the 3rd Temple whereby the Messianic Age all of the families brings their glory and offering in the Feast of Tabernacles and become fortunate through the God of Abraham (Genesis 12:3 28:14 Zech 14:16).

Patrick Gabriel Lumbroso

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