Chanukah and Purim – what is the connection

An attractive essay by Yanki Tauber at presents a fascinating undertake the Dreidel utilized on Chanukah. The essay is dependant on the teachings from the Chassidic master Rabbi Tzvi Elimelech of Dinov, who written Bnei Yissachar. I must present the minds presented by him there- it certainly opened up my eyes to a different idea and that i hope this can include something totally new that you should a lifetime-old custom of having fun with the Dreidel around the festival of Chanukah. >

Purim and Chanukah are a couple of completely different holidays. On Chanukah, it is a fact to state the primary emphasis is around the spiritual side. True, we enjoy raspberry braid and latkes, but there’s the spiritual side from the lighting from the candle lights, investing time through the candle lights, singing tunes of praise etc. On Purim, the festivities tend to be more physical- obligations during the day include giving money towards the poor, giving food parcels to buddies, tossing a festive meal and consuming lots of wine!

However, with that said, there’s an intriguing denominator- both festivals include using a spinning toy. On , there’s a custom to experience having a Dreidel- a spinning top with Hebrew letters on both sides that make up the acronym ” An excellent miracle happened there”. On Purim, a noise-making device, known as a Grogger can be used throughout the reading through from the Megillah, the scroll continue reading the vacation, to drown the title from the “baddy” Haman.

The main difference between these spinning toys would be that the Dreidel is spun previously mentioned and also the Grogger from below.

On Chanukah, G-d over-rode the laws and regulations of character- a little number of martial artists defeated among the most powerful armies of times along with a jar of oil which should have burnt for any day survived eight days. On Purim, G-d’s salvation is hidden- the occasions that cause the salvation from the Jewish people might be regarded as as a number of “coincedences”. The King Achashverosh will get angry at his wife Esther is chosen in her own place Mordechai overhears two males plotting to get rid of the king and saves the king’s existence Haman is incorporated in the wrong place in the wrong time when Mordechai’s good deeds are read towards the king Esther uses her influence to show the king against Haman and so on. Actually, it’s well-known that G-d’s title isn’t even pointed out within the Book of Esther (it that delineates the historic background of Purim). On Chanukah, salvation came clearly previously mentioned whereas onto it originated from below, disguised by regular occasions.

Chanukah is really a celebration in our resolve for our G-d and the transcendence most importantly of character whereas Purim is really a celebration in our relationship with G-d that plays in the everyday particulars in our lives.

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