CEPro RCD software acquired by PAS Ltd

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Date Tuesday, 25 This summer 2006


CEPro RCD software acquired by PAS Ltd

Inside a dramatic move today PAS Ltd (Process Alignment Services Ltd) introduced it’s acquired full Ip Privileges to CEPro, the ecu Leisure Craft Directive software.

Because of management and financial problems within CEProof Ltd (Hamble), PAS Ltd originates to save the day from the software and will also be enhancing and marketing CEPro via a new company CEProof Worldwide Ltd (CEI Ltd) that has been established to become center of excellence for European RCD compliance.

David Koller who owns PAS Ltd described, -The need for the CEPro software programs are significant for compliance and publish construction assessment for that European Leisure Craft Directive. We have to badge the program inside a Center of Excellence and make up a forum for discussing of understanding and experience inside the professional boating world.- He added, -It’s disappointing that CEProof Ltd (Hamble) had unsuccessful to capitalise on this kind of excellent product with their ongoing instability, we’re feeling that it’s time to establish this type of center of excellence on the safer business footing with CEProof Worldwide Ltd.-

Finishing, David added, -The prior officials of CEProof Ltd (Hamble) aren’t active in the startup company. Naturally, both PAS and CEI wish them every success and hope their current financial hardships are resolved.-


For more information contact Nigel T Packer

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