CB Test Certificate

CB Test Certificate

CB test certificate shall ‘t be employed for any kind of advertising and promotion activities, but CB certificate holders may have the test certificate for his or her business communications items, mention of the matters relevant towards the certificate holders.

3.2 CQC recognized rules of CB test certificate

3.2.1 approved China’s accession to IECEE-CB system, the conventional directory of CB certificates.

3.2.2 CB certificate released by NCB and also the report released by CB CB laboratory inside the relevant standards must have been identified by IECEE, has granted capacity.

3.2.3 for using laboratory producers test certificate released through the CB and confirming, based on relevant provisions from the mandatory certification presently only approved in compliance with TMP (Testing at Manufacturer’s Premises) or by WMT (Observed Manufacturer’s Testing) means the certificate released through the CB and reviews, with other forms, for example SMT, RMT temporarily recognized. CQC mark certification generally are just approved TMP / WMT of CB certificates, resulting in special conditions asked for the Center for approval.

3.2.4 utilized in the report released by CB TMP / WMT laboratory inside the relevant standards must have been registered within the IECEE.

3.2.5 CB certificate will be supported by akin to the CB report.

3.2.6 CB recognized certificate, CQC prototype verification and support the suitable for additional testing.

3.2.7 When the CB certificate and report over 3 years, CQC could be asked.

3.2.8 CB CB report and certificate of product models, specifications, producers and production facilities must make an application for compulsory certification of product models, specifications, producers, industrial facilities consistent (or cover), any kind of inconsistency, isn’t approved.

3.2.9 CB certificate of applicant and also the applicant for that principle of compulsory product certification ought to be the same. If both candidates are sporadic, the required product certification from the applicant ought to provide CB certificate holder (applicant) of energy of attorney, energy of attorney should a minimum of range from the authorization statement, the 2 sides duties.

3.2.10 CB certificate released through the criteria shouldn’t be less than China’s current national standard corresponding IEC standard version.

3.2.11 CB report is dependant on the conventional form of the information, should have the ability to cover our current national standard, the conventional deviation in our country should from the impact on perform a reasonable test.

3.2.12 CB Certificate and CB report seems “ROC” (ROC) not recognized the term.

3.2.13 on after 1 The month of january 2006 released by CB certificate, if your certificate consists of multiple trademarks and brands (brand), in principle, be accepted.

3.3 CB recognized the key of machine components report

Components must adhere to the appropriate needs of relevant standard components and machine components within the product standard needs.

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