Cassano disease because of ischemic stroke Totti wish him a fast recovery

Within the Rossoneri go back to Milan from Rome on the flight, Cassano sudden abnormal, once blurred vision, confusion, malaise along with other signs and symptoms, even when not obvious. Presently, Nick Cassano in Naples Chillicothe hospital. March. 31, Allegri Cassano to Galliani informed from the latest situation.

“Milan’s official website”: Allegri stated Cassano condition enhanced

Within the Milan Malpensa Airport terminal, the expedition brought his unit Galliani Belarus questioned through the press. “For me, each patient must have privacy now, Cassano continues to be receiving medical diagnosis, this isn’t much to state today, I’d a discussion with Cassano, his spirit looks very good Obviously, now i’m just a little worried, as this factor is simply too sudden. “Galliani stated,” This factor is not related to football, and Gattuso problems because the club will fully support Cassano We’ll also support Gattuso. Cassano can get better, obviously, I’m not a physician, then it is recommended to request Ta Wana physician, he is able to answer these questions. ”

For Cassano’s condition, Allegri very worried. “At the moment, Cassano still within the hospital for examination, his situation far better and that i anticipate his go back to the track the moment today, I designed a good couple of to Cassano information, he back by Cassano replies information perspective, it appears he’s very good now, we’re very worried about Cassano. pity this type of factor happens. Cassano was 29 years of age, we’re just a little worried, this really is normal. Cassano this year excellent performance in the overall game with Rome, twenty minutes from the bench Cassano demonstrated his championship-level standards for AC Milan, the Cassano back is crucial, but we mustn’t allow him to take risks. ”

Lately, AC Milan variety of spate of strange illnesses. Additionally to Cassano, the Gattuso’s left eye is a concern. Reporters in the scene stated, AC Milan is not so best of luck lately. In connection with this, Galliani stated, “This really is existence, the gamers would really like people become ill, but AC Milan are extremely many injuries lately and I don’t worry about the media coverage I’d SMS and Antonio Cassano exchange, other I’m not interested in news reports within the plane, I’ll read newspapers. ”

Borisov for the overall game with AC Milan, Adriano Galliani, stated, “I believe, AC Milan to experience in Minsk is going to be good now, we’re striking insufficient staff, Gangci is going to be around the bench, we’ll attempt to win tomorrow’s game. “Allegri stated,” Although we lost the overall game with Rome two goals, but this is actually the third time this year, AC Milan demonstrated their true level. they carried out well, I’m glad tomorrow in Minsk, we’re not able to get some things wrong, we anticipate promotion. Ambrosini is going to be beginning debut, Van Bommel’s ankle just a little problem. Boateng was hurt, but he’s who is fit. Free Airline Dov, he might appear the benchThe bag and also the Kelly bag are the first and foremost time. Their demand is unparallel holiday to a designer bag but they’re really getting progressively difficult to locate. It had been stated captured that Hermes had eliminated waiting lists of these however this is not even close to the reality

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