Cartoon Figures Kickin’ it Old-School

After I would be a kid, an average Saturday mid-day was spent in the Strand Theater with hundreds of much more of my ilk. For that cost of admission, 12-cents, I had been treated to 5 cartoons, a news reel, a high cliff hanger serial (Rocketman, etc.), along with a double feature, usually westerns. I was raised using the Durango Kid, Hopalong Cassidy, Lash LaRue, Whip Wilson, and Smiley Burnett amongst others.

But recently I have been considering individuals old-school movie cartoon figures excluding the -human- types, you realize, like Casper, Cruela Demon, Popeye, Olive Oyl, and Bluto. There is nothing wrong together, however i like the animal figures. Exceptions are Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Mike. I acquired off about this mental beam after i accidentally clicked on through the Cartoon Network going towards the Science Funnel. Discuss disappointing! Most of the subjects were either poorly animated, had moronic dialogue, overtly evil, or absurd and (MAINLY!) not funny. Wasn’t the initial intent of cartoons to create us laugh? (Thankfully for SpongeBob SquarePants.) Now I’ll admit a lot of the cartoon humor of my youth was from the Three Stooges variety-hammer towards the mind or foot, -bowling ball- type tanks, etc.-but even while children we understood better. It had been the response from the victim (who always been with them coming) that delighted us. Even little side comments were well crafted for example Bugs Bunny mentioning to some dark night in armor as -boiler boy-.

There have been bullies like Sylvester Pussycat who always selected on Tweety using the intent of creating meals from the cute widdle bird. Obviously, Tweety always outwitted the kitty who received endless pummelings from Gran or Spike the bulldog. Same factor with Tom always after Jerry, Mr. Jinks after -individuals miserable meeces-, Lucifer after Cinderella’s rodents assistants, and Wile E. Coyote trying to snag the roadrunner. For that latter, it always struck me that for the money Wile E. allocated to ACME items he might have given a never-ending banquet. Hey, what about turning the table around the roadrunner? In character the roadrunner’s favorite meal is rattlesnake. What about getting a affectionate, cute rattler outsmarting the bird? Most likely wouldn’t sell-snakes are globally considered too creepy to become regarded as an underdog. I additionally put Jesse Duck within the bully category for always picking on his nephews, have a picnic bugs, bees, and Nick and Dale. However, there is one bully/wise aleck I rooted for, namely, Foghorn Leghorn. The loudmouth rooster always used the barnyard dog and chicken hawks as his foils. He irritated them only for sport. The very best bully title? For me personally it had been Oil Can Harry who had been always bothering Mighty Mouse’s girlfriend, Little Nell. Apart from that, the operatic (Here’ come can provide relief!) Mighty Mouse cartoons were incredibly cheesy, and (for many inane reason) featured lots of sword fighting.

ASIDE: If this involves villainy names, I must mention a couple of TV figures, namely: Snidely Whiplash, evil foe of Dudley Do-Right, Boris & Natasha, and mad researcher, Isotope Feeney. BTW, was there a much better cartoon theme song than Dudley Do-Right’s?

Felines appear to experience the roll of villain first and foremost. Recall the evil Siamese felines in -Lady and also the Tramp-? It can be their demon eyes or that ubiquitous wise-ass cat look. I saw a display on Animal Planet about owls, that are always described as harmless, smart, and friendly in cartoons. Works out they are a lot more good at killing and eating rats than felines. That one barn owl caught 47 rodents in 25 minutes. Don’t believe owls seem like murders? Take a look at individuals talons.

Then there have been the (mostly) innocent fall men. They did not wish to harm anybody-just thought about being left alone. This group incorporated the favourite foil of Heckle and Jeckle, Dimwit, an unfortunate sack hound who always started every sentence with, -Duuhhh– Pluto who had been a sap for everybody including bugs, bees, and Jesse Duck (a basement air hose even got the very best of Pluto) and Wally Walrus who wanted to consume in peace. Then there is not-so-innocent hunter Elmer Fudd (exception to my earlier -no humans- rule) who always got bested with that wascal wabbit and Daffy Duck.

Irrrve never determined that which was track of figures like Porky Pig and Donald Duck (including their female friends, P-P-Petunia and Minnie). They appeared, well, rather irrelevant that’s, neither bullies, fall men, wise alecks, troublemakers nor heroes. Mickey would seem with Jesse and Wacky, but he was mainly -filler-. It had been Donald’s anger and Goofy’s tripping incidents that provided the entertainment.

Are you able to think of the whining outcry from the politically correct crowd with a stuttering pig, your dog named Dimwit, the accent of Fast Gonzales, it impediment of Elmer Fudd, and also the spit-squirting lisps of Daffy and Sylvester? Someone could be prosecuted without a doubt. I am surprised some self-righteous special interest group has not introduced suit retroactively. Mel Blanc will be a pariah.

My own faves were the troublemakers mainly Woodsy Woodpecker, Heckle & Jeckle, and Bugs Bunny. I believe their recognition turned from simply because they were always doing something we’d (within our own secret heart-of-hearts) enjoy. And I am not only speaking about the subject giving a bully his comeuppance. For example, there is Fauntleroy Fox and Crawford Crow, who possibly you remember in the old -Fox and Crow- comics. They provided very couple of cartoons for that screen, but individuals they provided illustrate my point. Unlike individuals of Aesop, this fox would be a vacuous ninny always at the receiving end from the cigar-smoking, street-smart crow who’d steal his food and wreck his stuff. Wally Walrus and Woodsy Woodpecker were built with a similar relationship.

Sigh. I am still awaiting a -Who Presented Roger Rabbit?- follow up. (Shave along with a haircut: two bits!)

Th-th-th-that’s all folks!

Gene Myers (Did not bother to copyright that one.)

Author, speaker, and all sorts of-around good guy.

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