Carpet Genie – R & R Rug Cleaning Services North Park

Professional Rug cleaning or for your matter any cleaning requires optimum learning the craft and sufficient experience that just includes time. There’s no middle path either you will find efficient companies or inefficient ones if this involves fixing your rug, carpet and fabric.

R & R carpet cleansers North Park guarantees the and wellness of your family, pets incorporated by making certain proper cleaning, upkeep and follow-up using the latest, atmosphere friendly items and procedures. Your wellbeing and satisfaction is of vital importance – don’t allow chance.

R & R isn’t just another title or logo design. It is indeed my title and efficiency mounted on it. It absolutely matters in my experience that each single clients are carried out honestly, making certain the greatest quality to provide the finest possible health insurance and financial help to my most valued clients.

R & R is symbolic of constant training or more gradation. We’re licensed through the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration and 3M licensed Scotchgard protector.

R & R Rug cleaning services includes a small but significant history around North Park position for repair, restoration, and cleaning of area rugs and carpets, including Oriental, Antique and Niche rugs.

Our lengthy knowledge about Niche along with other quality value area rugs enables us to provide premium service home based carpet and fabric cleaning, as well as satisfaction. R & R North Park carpet cleansers shall assist you to relieve the initial and enjoyable experience with feeling your brand-new carpet again and again again. Our specialists are adequately trained and licensed to depart your carpet searching anew every time and when they focus on it.

North Park Carpet Cleaner specialists at R & R would take proper care of all of the hard surfaces at the premises. Our specialists will clean tile and grout and restore stone works perfectly. We of experts would use specialized equipment and condition from the art technology could save you alternative and then leave your hard surfaces sparkling like new.

I’m at work in the majority of the cases which is my method of making certain the greatest quality service for the clients. Don’t hesitate to call for those who have any special needs or questions regarding us and our services. With R & R there won’t be any added charge to what’s marketed not to mention there won’t be any salesperson to pressure you. The cleaning compounds and solutions is going to be eco-friendly and non-toxic and we’ll be there promptly. R & R will make sure on-site cleaning whenever you can however, many rare situation may require off-site attention. With R & R Carpet cleansers North Park you’ll have a team of specialists alive and aware to any or all your concerns and address them according to your demands – no wishes.

R & R and shall assist you to relieve the initial and enjoyable experience with feeling your brand-new carpet again and again again.

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