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Card Lok Hong, Pharmacy Controlled release strong R & D Cooperation Partner ??? 2008 controlled discharge of the 3rd Forum on China success Card Lok Hong, like a global technology leader Pharmaceutical Excipients Providers, always top quality Film coating Technology, sustained and controlled release technology, as well as other multi-medicinal Add-ons Supply market, service the pharmaceutical industry, as recycleables and pharmaceutical items to boost service brand leader.

“Forum on China’s controlled release” is really a card Lok Hong close help Chinese pharmaceutical industry among the core services, the effective holding of two periods, this season may be the third. June 11 and 13, “Controlled Release 2008 Third China Forum” effectively locked in Guangzhou and Nanjing. .

Le Kang Meiguo card AliRajabi-Siahboomi Global Technical Director, Dr Le Kang Meiguo card JamesCoward Mr. V . P ., Global Regulating Director Kangmei Guo Yue Card Worldwide Association of Pharmaceutical Excipients, Mr. Leader DaveSchoneker, card music wood gundy Gm Dr. Lin Kaixin, Kale wood gundy controlled release market development manager for Miss Zhou Miao, Chi Lok wood gundy Regional Technical Manager, Mr. Liu Ruiming, card music wood gundy Technical Manager Mr. Cheng Ning, card music wood gundy along with other regional technical manager, Mr. Yang Jirong arrived at the scene, the Forum asked experts within the area of domestic controlled release?? Shanghai Medicine Industrial Research Professor Chen Qinghua. As everyone knows, Dow Chemical Company and Le Kang card in March 21, 2007 collectively introduced a “global alliance controlled release”?? Around the area of Dow Chemical for that controlled release items and add-ons for that global card Lok Hong cooperation, technical manager TinaDasbach the U . s . States, Ms. Dow, Dow China’s technical manager, Ms. Dida Yu also attended the forum.

Controlled release this type of effective selection of experts within the area towards the participation of numerous domestic Pharmaceutical companies , Scientific research institutes, R & D personnel, technology experts, industry professionals, introduced the brand new trend of rise in this area, new technology and cool product programs. And controlled release within the area of technical difficulties, R & D practical difficulties faced were talked about thorough.

First card Yue, gm of Dr. Lin Kaixin wood gundy to “why card music essential for your health?” Around the subject, the credit card Lok Hong technology within the pharmaceutical industry leadership, and also the cards within the new items Lok Hong technology motorists, even colored a card using the industry within the coming Lok Hong co-workers and seek common development blueprint.

Next, cards, v . p . of Lok Kang Meiguo JamesCoward world, introduced a “card Lok Hong strength in controlled release and controlled release fields Alliance”, a senior professional managers and expounds Dow Chemical Company and Le Kang card issuer in March 21, 2007 arrived at a “global alliance controlled release” of special significance in this region and anticipate this cooperation will release the earth’s slow growth and development of the marketplace to a different stage Within the area of controlled release technology and product database integration for that industry to create more possibilities to create better prospects for development.

Card music wood gundy controlled release market development manager Miao-card music like a business unit controlled release wood gundy marketing manager, described a lot of practical data around the Chinese market, controlled release area from the pharmaceutical industry has enormous potential and future development market trends for future years growth and development of China’s pharmaceutical industry and competition within the provision from the latest best technique to win.

Next, card Lok Kang Meiguo Global Technical Director, Dr AliRajabi-Siahboomi introduced the “growth and development of sustained-release formulations of numerous technology options,” using empirical data and detailed research into the “pre-release formulation factors that need consideringInch “slow-release formulation of strategy”, “single unit or multi-particle system preparation” and “slow control technology selection criteria.”

Additionally, the credit card music wood gundy Regional Technical Manager, Mr. Liu Ruiming on HyperStart (original recipe library TM) within the hydrophilic matrix technology were put on situation studies. Director of worldwide rules Le Kang Meiguo Card Worldwide Association of Pharmaceutical Excipients, Mr. Leader DaveSchoneker rules were talked about, confirmed the logistics peace of mind in the significance of the pharmaceutical industry.

Special guest, Shanghai Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry Professor Chen Qinghua a study titled “extrusion-spheronization technology: challenges and possibilities,” the report, in comparison describes extrusion-spheronization method and also the melting Pill Pill method, and analyzed the connection between your two techniques.

Next, card music wood gundy Regional Technical Manager Mr. Yang Jirong introduced “with the membrane to manage multi-unit controlled release systems release curve”, a unique guest, Ms. Dow TinaDasbach U.S. technical manager for that slow in the outlook during quality of controlled-release technology, water-soluble polymer, referred to the significance of qc of excipients in which the Dow introduced qc system.

Following the card Le Kang Meiguo Global Technical Director, Dr. AliRajabi-Siahboomi it and that we talked about “how you can adjust the discharge curve of sustained release matrix system”, introduced the HPMC matrix pills of the present techniques and new techniques, and introduced POLYOX ( PEO) in the use of hydrophilic matrix pills, and reported several installments of practical programs, showing POLYOX significant and different performance.

Finally, we’d lively discussions, professionals for that audience the different issues are talked about at length and analysis. The 3rd “China controlled release forum” within an atmosphere of excellent communication ended. In my opinion the prosperity of the Forum locked in controlled release for controlled discharge of domestic pharmaceutical companies within the area of technology and product database integration to create a powerful push, but additionally make cards Lok Hong controlled release pharmaceutical industry to become strong partner in R & D !

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