Capricorn Traits and Qualities

Capricorn, the tenth manifestation of the zodiac, is definitely an earth sign. It features a careful, sensitive character, so it safeguards behind it’s worldly image. Capricorn likes you status, social standing, following a rules of the overall game in order to better climb the ladder, maintain it’s position or safeguard it’s interests. It features a careful, self-disciplined, sometimes plodding character, and loves to take little steps, testing the floor as the story goes. In it’s effort to possess security, it plans and develops for future years, and gives creedence to creating financial solvency in senior years. It requires it’s responsibilities and duties towards career or domestic stability seriously and does not prefer to run risks. Capricorn is sincere of background and traditional values and could be over-careful or blinkered to alternative options or even the wider picture. It’s awesome, shrewd attitude can seem insufficient warmth and spontaneity.

Capricorn rules the skeletal-structure – the joints and particularly your legs – and also the teeth and hair. This sign is persevering and sees things right through to the finish inside a matter-of-fact, no illusions kind of a means. It loves creating structures which stand the ages, whether that’s accumulating a company, a house a household unit or perhaps a effective worldly image.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the principle of form – the outer facets of things. Saturn is really a serious, hard-working energy, which resonates well using the difficulties and harsh facts of physical-material existence.

Essentially, Capricorn is parental and tends to get involved with positions of authority and tenaciously bears the responsibility of responsibility sometimes through harsh conditions either in it’s private or professional existence, upon it’s shoulders. Capricorn is canny, proper, and takes the lengthy view. Ultimately it hopes arrive at a location of mastery either internally or externally, and can stand doggedly by it’s concepts associated with daily programs or standards or behavior.

Capricorn is extremely goal-conscious so any career where it may sit towards the top of the mountain and revel in seniority, or authority fits using the vibration from the sign.

Birth gemstones: Obsidian, Black Tourmaline, Malachite Colours: Gray, Black Gods: Khem, Pan, Bacchus Creatures: Goat, Donkey Weapons: The Key Pressure Element: Earth Zodiac Quality: Cardinal Ruling Planet: Saturn Exaltation: Mars, Pluto Fall: Jupiter, Neptune

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