Cake Mixing Such as the Pros using the Two-Stage Method

Cake mixing techniques will always be more essential than cake baking temps. I shown this within an earlier blog using a butter cake recipe to show the creaming method. This process combines butter and sugar capture air, then uses egg yolks to create an emulsification.

The restricting factor from the creaming technique is that butter isn’t 100 % body fat. Butter consists of 85 % body fat, about 10 % water and five percent milk solids. With less body fat, butter holds less liquid throughout an emulsification. What this means is a drier, harder cake.

To create a very moist cake, more liquid is required, and shortening holds more liquid inside a cake batter than butter will. Regular shortening is 100 % fats. Within the professional bake shop, we make use of an component known as -high-ratio- shortening. This special kind of body fat produces a much better emulsification in cake formulas with more liquid.

The -Two-Stage- cake mixing method uses this high ratio shortening to produce a very moist, soft texture, but firm structure cake. The -Whitened Whisper Cake- which i create within the associated video uses this process.

The 2 stage method is different from the creaming method because shortening and flour are combined, instead of butter and sugar, in the initial step. The reason within the creaming method ended up being to trap air. However, the reason within the two stage technique is to merely mix the elements since the great deal of liquid is exactly what will leaven the wedding cake, not trapped air.

Sugar, vanilla and milk are put into the body fat and flour mixture, that is in which the two stages of these two-stage method begin. This cake mixing method will get its title from alternating flour, liquid, after which flour and liquid in 2 stages to obtain just as much liquid in to the formula as you possibly can.

If you have been disappointed with dry cakes and quality recipes that -did not emerge-, examine the wedding cake mixing techniques that you are using. Whenever you switch from butter and sugar inside a creaming method, towards the two-stage manner in which professionals use with shortening and flour, you’ll not be susceptible to a disappointing recipe again. You will be wiser compared to recipe since you be aware of techniques in it.

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