Butterfly Valves, Automated Ball Valves & V Ball Control Valves

Butterfly Valves

The Triad Series 700 includes a cartridge chair design to ease installation problems connected using the dove-tail-design (kicked) seats. It features a phenolic backing that keeps the chair from shifting throughout installation, reducing tearing and fatigue. Precision machining from the disc and the body permit the cartridge design to keep a tight disc to chair tolerance, supplying an ideal low torque seal every single time the valve is pumped. >

Triad offers many options of direct mount electric actuators. These actuators are earthworm gear driven, getting rid of the requirement for motor brakes. They are available standard with manual over-ride and enormous dial position indicator. They are offered in most currents both AC and Electricity and are available standard with auxiliary limit switches, heating units and thermostats. Options include 4-20ma servo control,position transmitters and nativeOr handheld remote control stations.

Almost every valve will get an immediate mount ISO 5211 stem and mounting pad. This standard design enables customers to direct mount most brands of valve actuators without resorting to additional bracket and coupling hardware. This protects money and time and offers a far more precise fit from the actuator to make sure lengthy trouble-free cycle existence. Additionally customers of manual Triad valves can certainly mount an actuator towards the valve later on. This design enables us to supply both electric and pneumatic actuators that may be direct mounted with pilot solenoid valves. We provide 4-20 MA or 3-15psi positioners for throttling programs. We provide limit switches with dome indications to point open and shut valve positions in your area and remotely. V Ball Control Valves

Both Triad 9000 Series and 66 Series can be found having a segmented ball option in a variety of levels of V position that provide numerous control valve options inside a quarter turn valve. These V-Port ball valves are economical options to costly linear control valves. Triad combines its proven high cycle pyramidal stem seal having a 50% stainlessOr 50% PTFE chair design giving many years of continuous service. Optional metal seats can be found for greater temperature programs. Both series include direct mount modulating electric or pneumatic actuators.

Triad Series 9150, 9300, and 66 valves can be found with designed metal seats for present day demanding process conditions. These metal sitting valves are appropriate for programs with elevated temps or highly abrasive conditions. The valves are usually supplied with a tough chrome plated 316SS or electro-less nickel plated ball and difficult faced Stellite or Alloy 6 seats. The valves are produced to Class V turn off. Each valve is made for each specific application and it has a fast delivery time.

All valves could be fitted with either an electrical, pneumatic, or hydraulic actuator. Special actuator mounting is made for hot temperature valves, which both isolates and disappears the procedure warmth that could otherwise damage the actuator.

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