Buddhism Harmonizing With Christianity

I lately met by accident by having an acquaintance of mine, (maybe a little more than an -acquaintance-) and that he requested -what’s new along with you nowadays?- and that he was very surprised to listen to my response-I stated I’ve become an ordained Christian Minister. More surprising in my experience, he explained he too would be a believer. Much more surprising in my experience, although he professed to become a Christian believer he stated he lives his existence following a life styles of Buddhism! After further explanation in my experience he mentioned that although he thinks the Jesus may be the Deliverer he sees no problem in following a teachings of Buddha because they are much the same.

After I began questioning him how he found that call in the spiritual journey he rapidly shut me lower, and I saw him getting irritated. So before I left him I gave him some spiritual something to think about.

Buddhism comes with an -Eight Fold Path- that’s the foundation tenet of the belief system. By using the -Path- you’ll be brought to at least one) Many Reincarnations 2) Erasure of Karmic Debt all resulting in Nirvana.

On the other hand the Christian Bible informs us we should exercise the spiritual disciplines to be able to transform our desires. Suffering isn’t overcome in the quashing from the -self- but with the -non selfish- sacrifice in our sinless messiah Jesus.

In Buddhism the soul escapes your body after which dresses in other physiques. Harmonize with Christianity? Not A Way! Both of these belief systems can’t be harmonized. Buddhism is really a false doctrine while offering false hope. Whereas Christianity offers eternal existence guaranteed to all of us from the raised from the dead messiah Jesus.

Since Jesus rose bodily in the tomb coupled with over 500 WITNESSES, and that he guaranteed he will go back to us in judgment I have to think that. He’s still alive. Where’s Buddha?

Buddhists require great activly works to achieve Nirvana Christian believers don’t have a works based belief. Christian believers only have to realize that we’re ALL sinners and require Sophistication of God in order to save us. We request for forgiveness through repentance. We feel that Jesus was crucified, hidden and rose in body 72 hours later.

At first glance many people think that Buddhism is really a peaceful, anti-suffering religion. However still haven’t met that lots of people who figure out what Buddhism is about. Most think about this little body fat -Buddha- statue and Yoga, not researching it or really attempting to comprehend it. It’s also a popular of Hollywood celebs, and that we understand how well meaning they’re-ahem.

Are you able to observe how the 2 values offer a similar experience? I can not.

John 14: 6 (NASB)

6 Jesus stated to him, -I’m the way in which, and also the truth, and also the existence nobody involves the daddy but through Me.

God Bless

John Mason

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