Brought by speaking concerning the light panel package understanding

Brought panel light is principally accustomed to office, sitting area, industrial facilities and the like need large area lighting places, it’s a new kind of high quality lighting lamps and lamps, its appearance has transformed the standard lighting system, also bring us new light experience. The primary Brought panel lights component may be the source of light, this may be the important reason it acquired, may be the Brought lights for that source of light, and Brought to exist because the source of light, must still pass encapsulation, our country may be the world’s biggest encapsulation kingdom, below appropriate beauty will discuss the attached understanding Brought encapsulation. Brought package title National existing integrated circuit encapsulation title as well as their reps letters 1, ceramic flat packaging F type 2, ceramic melt sealing flat packaging H 3, ceramic double row encapsulation type D 4, ceramic melt sealing double row encapsulation J type 5, plastic double row encapsulation P type 6, metal circular encapsulation T 7, metal gemstone encapsulation K type 8, plastic small appearance encapsulation type O 9, plastic nick company encapsulation E type 10, plastic all over the lead flat packaging N type 11, ceramic nick company encapsulation type C 12, ceramic needle bar formation encapsulation G type 13, ceramic all over the lead flat packaging Q type 14, ceramics glass flat packaging W type 15, metal double row encapsulation M type 16, metal four row encapsulation Ms type 17, metal flat packaging Megabytes type 18, metal four fuses circular encapsulation Ts type 19, just one apply form coating encapsulation Foot type 20, double row perfusion encapsulation type Gf. Encapsulation code Packaging code by 4 or 5 parts. Part one is letters, stated packaging materials and structure, namely the package title The 2nd part may be the Arabic numeral, stated charge several (lead several under 10, ought to be inside a former add ) The 3rd part use letters or digital composition, stated similar items package shape or size variations of primary The 4th spend digital composition, stated the secondary size difference The 5th spend letters, stated structural variations. Brought encapsulation types Plug-in (ThroughHole) into phase line attracted on sides from the vertical, lead two sides flat lead, lead the bottom vertical lead, lead single vertical out four. Surface mounted (SurfaceMount) is split in to the lead side wing shape lead, lead side “J” form lead, lead throughout flat leads, ceramic without lead nick company four. Direct connecting type (DirectBonding) into switch nick packages, nick board type sealing, load with automatic packaging 3 kinds. At the moment, Brought through the nick packages is principally patch type packaging, this is the encapsulation of the present primary form, with the type of the package within the existence, Brought panel light color rendering has better performance.

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