Brother DR350 – How you can install and totally reset the drum unit

Apart from the toner cartridge, the printer drum is yet another component that should be changed once it reaches the finish of their serviceable existence. Hence, it’s important for customers to understand how to respond once the occasion calls for this. Foremost, a drum alternative should be acquired, that old drum transformed, and also the printer totally reset to print anew

Buying a drum alternative

You will find 2 possibilities to laser printer customers – either buy an OEM drum or choose a compatible drum. It’s better to be satisfied with a compatible unit since it is undoubtedly cheaper and gratifaction-smart, it matches those of the OEM alternative. The OEM DR350 for example costs $126.99 while a DR350 compatible drum sells for just $69.95. Both items generate quality prints and yield of 12,000 pages.

Setting up a drum alternative

Take notice of the detailed instructions below pertinent to installing b .

1. Open the leading cover from the printer as the energy button is active.

2. Slightly lift the drum unit and pull it. Set the drum unit on the flat as well as surface that’s been engrossed in newspaper to avoid discoloration the place just in case of the toner spill.

3. Take away the toner cartridge. Depress nowhere tab or even the lock lever around the left side from the drum unit and take out the cartridge.

4. Take out the drum alternative from the packaging. Take away the drum limited to this time around to prevent excessive sunlight exposure.

5. Install the toner cartridge (formerly removed from the old drum) towards the new drum.

6. Load the brand new drum in to the printer.

7. Press a tight schedule button for roughly 4 seconds until all Brought lights around the user interface are glowing.

8. Close the leading cover from the printer.

Resetting the drum counter

Generally, cellular phone may be the finish all procedure when changing the drum unit. But sometimes, the Brought light from the printer is constantly on the expensive after loading the brand new drum therefore barring any print request. The fix for your problem would be to totally reset the page counter from the drum.

1. Take out the brand new drum in the printer, switch the old drum, and shut the printer front cover.

2. Switch the printer on and open the leading cover.

3. Hold lower a tight schedule button for around 4 seconds or before the Brought lights around the user interface is active.

4. Take away the old drum in the printer and install the brand new drum.

5. Close the leading cover from the printer and make certain the Brought lighting is turned off.

When the drum unit has arrived at its helpful existence, don’t let yourself be troubled. Immediately buy a drum alternative, stick to the installation methods, and totally reset the counter at the appropriate interval. And when the printer has run out of toner supply, do refill the cartridge having a compatible toner refill package.

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