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h1. IMPORTANT! I wish to give a video from Jon Bon Jovi singing America The Gorgeous (much better than anybody I’ve ever heard anybody sing it). I question the number of from the NYPD which are with him, I question the number of of the usa, I question if Jon Bon Jovi themself, knows it had been our very own leaders that orchestrated 9/11?…Without doubt a lot of the fireman which were there on that day have since determined that 9/11 was an internal job also it was tanks within the structures that introduced lower the dual towers and never jet fuel. More have to speak out, some curently have. Time to remain quiet has ended…..Simply because until America and People in america appreciate this…….The united states should never be Beautiful again!!!!!!!!!!!! AMERICA Is Finished… IT’S UP To Folks To Consider IT BACK… —

We at TheConspiracyZone won’t have many articles following up that one for a while, unless of course it’s very important. We believe if you do not comprehend the impact want to know ,, then you probably will never have it. For now, pass this along, and more importantly, STOP, THINK And Prevent LETTING THE ILLUMINISTS Running THIS NATION Remove YOUR Privileges, YOUR Protections As Well As Your Natural GOD GIVEN Privileges!!!! —

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