Bose CineMate GS Series II

Irrrve never really considered it, until this review – however i guess I have been a Bose guy automatically all this time around. Bose earphones, Bose within the Audi, Bose within the Cadillac XLR, Bose wave radio, Bose Companion III and Companion V… and so i arrived at this review somewhat jaded, since i really wanted to love these loudspeakers, And That I overlooked all of the negative comparison comments for that GS II. $900 later, I am still pretty unhappy together. Let us face the facts, seem differs for everybody, so many people such as the Bose seem, some don’t, no matter the merchandise.

However, within this situation… I believe I’ve enough Bose reference points to really make the call. Easy setup, compact, attractive, nicely manufactured – all great, except the seem – which ought to be the most significant attribute of. I’ve two identical Mac Mini’s as home entertainment PC’s. You have the Companion V attached via USB, and also the other the . Both have a similar iTunes, both equalizers are positioned exactly the same. The seem in the desktop Companion V FAR Surpasses the seem in the GS, by all measures of tone, clearness, bass, spatial separation etc. Comprising slight variances within the room etc., everybody else which comes in to the rooms notices it too.

That being stated, I would have trouble with the Toslink port around the control module. The Toslink finish does not snap in, because it usually does in other programs. It’s loose and may just drop out if touched. And So I attempted the constituents and same problem witht the seem. BTW, I’m from the outgoing Toslink around the TV straight to the control module. Ultimately, like others, it can’t be so painful whether it wasn’t for that cost – however i think Bose skipped the objective about this system. Heed the alerts on this website before buying.

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