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Lately, Cruz along with a.To. Hot Water Heater half a century of advertising may use a really similar one titled “The refrigerator is managing a record 45 many years of use Bosch refresh” reviews in the media and also the consumer deep concern and challenge.

This short article reviews on the a lot more than 80-year-old Lu, Shantou old lady home (the particular address in which the old lady?) A stroll together with her for pretty much fifty years Bosch Refrigerator , Wen stated, “This can be a German-made Bosch refrigerator, but nonetheless quiet compressor operation run effectively. It’s incredible that, because the sixties of 20th century to purchase now, it’s run continuously for 45 years. “Finally, Bosch refrigerator companies also do a very detailed description.

Carefully and analysis, Bosch fridges that relate and prior to the AO Cruz hot water heater you will find a lot of advertisements really striking commonalities:

First, Bosch refrigerator article with AO Cruz Hot Water Heater Ad common figures are seniors women another, known to two kinds of items are perfect lengthy existence

Third, the ad is nearly identical, both known to “walk together with her for pretty much fifty yearsInch and other alike expressions.

Bosch refrigerator and AO Cruz hot water heater How come amazing utilisation of the old lady stated exactly the same two Home Home appliances Device sturdiness: AO Cruz hot water heater is half a century, Bosch refrigerator for 45 years.

Purpose would be to tell Chinese customers between your two items are extremely durable, otherwise exactly how should we use for half a century and 45 many years of it such a long time?

And if the two brands can actually use for half a century and 45 years. The applying itself, not using age the more the greater.

At current worldwide recognized standards, refrigerator existence is usually 13-16 years. While China will implement the “Safe Utilization of household home appliances existence Rules” provisions of appliance existence is shorter compared to worldwide practice, like the refrigerator life time of 12 years, hot water heater service existence for 12 years. How can this be?

Technical experts advise: refrigerator, while someone durables, but additionally has its own helpful existence, and also over-age refrigerator vulnerable to a number of quality and safety. The first is the maturing of electronic components, a few of the pollution around the atmosphere second may be the security problem, for example leakage triggered by fire, and low efficiency, energy consumption, etc. mostly. Third, the refrigerator is simply too old, and upkeep of function continues to be degraded, the refrigerant will leak and pollute the atmosphere.

China’s practice of “safe utilization of household home appliances existence Rules” put an finish towards the old product, is perfect for consumer safety and environment protection. When the submissions are purely imaginary communication between your two, then Bosch AO Cruz electric hot water heaters and fridges accustomed to spread for half a century and 45 years, the idea of words, appears to stay in using the forthcoming “safe utilization of household home appliances existence Rules” words from the.

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