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Dr. Charles Toftoy has labored within the military, corporate, and academic industries. He would be a US Military airborne ranger and infantry officer, along with a highly decorated Vietnam veteran generating two crimson hearts.

He’s a doctoral in proper planning, an Master of business administration from Tulane College, along with a Baloney in engineering from West Point. In the business enterprise, he offered as Gm for Raytheon Company, Director of promoting for Lear Siegler, Corporation., and Leader of PATCH Affiliates, amongst others.

At George Washington College, he offered because the director from the Business Small Company Program and trained in the undergraduate and graduate level in the industry School.

Dr. Charles Toftoy has gotten numerous academic, corporate, and military honours and honors and presently works as a business methods consultant to many local companies in Arlington, Virginia.

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Featuring: It’s Within The Eyes by Charles Toftoy – A Psychopath Is Stalking Co-Eds In Washington, Electricity

It’s spring in Washington, Electricity – an attractive season within the nation’s capital, yet its people are uneasy. Their increased uneasyness is similar to the recent 9/11, sniper, and anthrax scares. But this time around the enemy is really a psychopathic killer accountable for the deaths of 4 local college co-eds – raping and killing them using traditions used by the Thuggees, murders for that Goddess Kali who have been accountable for the deaths in excess of 2 million vacationers in India within the 17th and 18th centuries.

It’s as much as Lars Neilsen, a university professor and part-time sleuth, and the highly trained Alpha Team to discover who’s carrying out these atrocious killings. But Lars and the team have been in for any couple of nasty surprises on the way…

Book Particulars: Writer: Borders Press (August 18, 2009) ISBN-10: 1432711962 ISBN-13: 978-1432711962 Paperback: 326 Pages Language: British Genre: Fiction/Thriller

Print Cost: $17.95

Download E-Book: $5.00

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